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The life science industry in Pennsylvania today has more than 2,300 businesses employing close to 80,000 people with a 459,720 total employment impact (5.8 national multiplier).  All this growth has led to a significant economic impact close to $1 billion and created significant workforce opportunities in biotechnology for those employees with a master’s degree. BIO, a national biotechnology industry advocacy group, reports that Pennsylvania’s concentration of bioscience employment is 9 percent greater than the national average and the state is considered to have a specialized employment base in two of the five major subsectors—drugs and pharmaceuticals and research, testing, and medical labs.

Harrisburg University offers a 36-credit hour Master of Science in Biotechnology with concentrations in Biomanufacturing, Medical Biotechnology, and Business and Management of Biotechnology.  Developed with extensive input from an advisory group comprised of  CEOs and senior leaders of biotechnology firms, HU’s Biotechnology master’s degree program  integrates medical science, research, manufacturing, and biotechnology-based business skills with leadership, teamwork and entrepreneurship skills that are essential for career success in the biotechnology field.

Program goals: Students graduating from Harrisburg University Biotechnology Master’s program would have:

  • Researched biotechnology concepts and developments to determine their relevance to applications to biotechnology.
  • Evaluated research literature, emerging technologies, and commercial developments to design and/or develop innovative biotechnology applications and products.
  • Worked as part of a project team to plan and manage the production of an innovative biotechnology application or product.
  • Analyzed the global business environment of biotechnology industry including regulations and finance to make ethical decisions that meet the needs of the organization.
  • Actively communicated and collaborated as part of the global community of biotechnology researchers and developers.

Student Thank You Notes:

Dear Dr. Pattarkine,
“In the last semester, you have truly added value to my learning experience at HU. You taught me intangibles and gave me great insight to research. Working with you equipped me for the challenging road ahead. Thank You for sacrificing your time and making sure I grasp every concept and attain objectives we had in mind.”
Thank You!!!
Christian V. Njatcha

Dr. Pattarkine,
“Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Thanks for advising me and pushing me harder than the rest & most of all, thanks for a great experience here at HU! I really appreciate all that you’ve done for me!”

-Ashley Clouser

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