Healthcare Informatics Certificate


The online Healthcare Informatics Certificate at Harrisburg University is also available for those who need a working familiarity with Informatics rather than in depth knowledge of analytics and data structures. The 15-credit- hour Harrisburg University Healthcare Informatics Certificate program requires the five core courses from the Harrisburg University master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics. In most cases, the credits from the Healthcare Informatics program at HU may be transferred to the master’s degree if the student decides to continue to a higher level of Informatics proficiency at a later time.





Although the Certificate program does not include time for in-depth study in a specialty subject area, it still prepares the student to:

  1. interact effectively with analytics specialists to define priority subject areas, evaluate data sources and understand the strengths and weaknesses of analytics results
  2. communicate new knowledge and insights to senior management decision makers
  3. facilitate implementation of management’s decisions

Both the 36-credit M.S. and 15-credit Healthcare Informatics programs at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology provides clinicians and administrators of all backgrounds with knowledge and experience that allows them to function as valued team members selecting, installing, adopting, employing, evaluating and optimizing healthcare-related IT systems, such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), in today’s healthcare delivery systems. In addition, the clinical objectives of healthcare informatics enhance individual and population health outcomes, improve patient care, and strengthen the clinician-patient relationship.


Domestic graduate tuition rate: is $800 per semester hour, part-time and full-time. For academic purposes, a graduate student taking between 9-12 credits is considered full-time.

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For more information on the program, contact Glenn Mitchell, MD, MPH, Professor of Healthcare Informatics at 717.901.5109 x1629 or

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