Computer Information Sciences

  Graduate Program

The 36-semester hour master degree in Computer Information Sciences at Harrisburg University provides a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of computer science and cyber security. The program includes courses to acquaint the student with current advances in the discipline, and their applications in business, health care and other areas.

The ability to devise a solution and execute it is the heart of the practice of this program. Designing such solutions requires creating efficient computation, which involves the integration of few key design notions of data representation, algorithms, programming, and knowledge in systems, data security, and software engineering in one unified framework.

A graduate of the program is able to integrate business, interpersonal and team skills, and the computational skills that lead to a professional employment and prepare them for the doctoral studies in the field.

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International Graduate Student Admissions Requirements and Curricular Practical Training
To receive information on the requirements for graduate admissions for international students, please email your request to Click here for requirements for admissions and Curricular Practical Training! All of the University’s graduate programs are STEM approved and Curricular Practical Training is offered.