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Daqing Yun, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
717-901-5100 ext 1627


Ph.D. in Computer Science, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA.
M.Sc. in Computer Software and Theory, Xidian University, China.
B.S. in Software Engineering, Xidian University, China.


Dr. Yun is currently an assistant professor at the Harrisburg University (HU) of Science and Technology in the Computer and Information Sciences (CIS) program. He is interested in high-performance networking, parallel and distributed computing, green networking, and big data. He has worked on several projects that include ProbData, FastProf, TSWS, TPG, ClusterWE, TREMEL, BirdCap, and NADMA.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Dr. Yun is currently teaching software development process and quality at Harrisburg University. He also enjoys teaching courses such as computer networks, special topics in big data, etc.

Dr. Yun's research interests include computer networks, high-performance networking, parallel and distributed computing, and big data. You can find his papers at http://daqingyun.github.io/papers.html.

Courses Taught at HU:

CISC 491
CISC 520
CISC 611
GRAD 695/699