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Michael Theilacker
Lecturer in Applied Mathematics
717-901-5100 ext 1637

Hi my name is Michael Theilacker and I have been teaching mathematics courses here at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology since 2009. My primarily focus is freshman math courses. These courses are an excellent introduction into the “business” of mathematics. They contain the right blend of rigor and concept that can launch a student in to many different fields of study at our school.

I currently hold two degrees, a Masters degree in Business (MBA) and a bachelor of science in mathematics. I think these degrees really complement each other and have helped me to understand how the world works. Mathematics permeates every field of study and will continue to grow as our society becomes more complex. Some people use mathematics as a tool, like a chemist to figure out a problem, but I see math as a force of nature; something unique that should be appreciated on its own.