ISEM Doctorate Admission Requirements

A faculty admission committee will evaluate each applicant’s candidacy once all admissions materials have been received. The doctorate admission process requires the candidate to:

  • Complete the application online at
  • Write an essay (in English) on how this degree supports the candidate’s academic and career aspirations.
  • Submit final official transcript(s) from the college or university at which the highest degree earned was conferred.
  • Submission of an official record of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation from academic or industry professionals.
  • Submit a resume or by email to
  • Interview with Faculty Admission Committee.

All Applicants to the ISEM Ph.D. Program must have an MS in ISEM (or equivalent) with knowledge equivalent to ISEM503 (Artificial Intelligence Principles and Applications), ISEM525 (Business Process Modeling and Workflow), and Mgmt531 (Business Entrepreneurship Principles) and a research thesis or a published research paper relevant to the MS.  Interested students may enroll in the MS ISEM program to satisfy these requirements before applying to the ISEM Ph.D. program.  Priority consideration will be given to those applicants with a GRE score in the 80th percentile or above and a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Preparing for Admission in the Ph.D. Program in ISEM

Admission in the ISEM Ph.D Program is very competitive due to limited seats in the program. Before applying to the Program, you must make sure that you:

  • Maintain a high GPA in your ISEM courses (minimum is 3.5)
  • Take the following required ISEM courses (ISEM500, MGMT510, ISEM540 (or equivalent for PMGT students) and ISEM530 (or equivalent for PMGT students).
  • Take the following ISEM elective courses (ISEM503, ISEM525 and MGMT531).
  • Select a research thesis in your Capstone. You may be asked to include your thesis in the admission materials
  • Improve your written communication skills (your TOEFL score must be high)

Decide if you want to pursue the Ph.D part-time or fulltime. A few scholarships are offered to exceptionally qualified fulltime students. If you are pursuing a part-time Ph.D. then you must make sure that your work is related to your research topic (i.e., your work should complement and enrich your Ph.D. research).

You may apply online at If you have not obtained an MS in ISEM from the University, you may wish to get that application by emailing Students can send any questions and completed applications and all supporting documents materials to Applications are not considered complete and are not evaluated unless all documents are present. International students may find answers to non-admissions related questions at