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LTMS 500: Macro Instructional Design
More than just analysis, design and development, this course focuses on the processes of instructional design to improve learning outcomes. Traditional methods such as ADDIE are contrasted with newer ideas like Agile. Methods are compared and contrasted, with the goal to provide the instructional designer with the most robust suite of tools to care for analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation of training.

LTMS 531: Designing Serious Games and Simulations
This course focuses on accomplishing learning goals by using immersive simulations. Students are encouraged to work with the latest tools in instructional design, and apply game design strategies to increase context, motivation, and engagement. The course is designed for students to have access to the software, strategies and tools such as SimWriter by NexLearn needed to produce working simulations that can be brought back to their workplace or included in their work product portfolios.

LTMS 540: The Instructional Designer as Entrepreneur (3 semester hours)
The instructional design profession is evolving. Instructional designers frequently find themselves working as independent consultants, with the need to keep finding new work. They move from gig to gig, contract to contract. This requires a new outlook and a new set of skills. This course covers what you will need to survive this new world – from building a solid network to understanding how to read and respond to a request for proposal.

The Learning Technologies and Media Systems (LTMS) program explores the intersection of learning and technology, and provides our students with hands on experiences that show how technology is changing learning. Students study the art and science of instructional design and develop practical skills to analyze performance, create new solutions and manage the technology of instruction. Our students are employed in industry and in education, and our program strives to develop new knowledge in both areas. You can explore the many facets of the program from this central location.

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