Project Management

As a part of the Master of Science in Project Management, students have the option of conducting research in project management and writing up research paper results in the form of a Master’s Thesis.  There are a number of great topics that students have explored including:

  • Agile transformations, agile applications to non-IT industries, agile-traditional hybrid Approaches
  • Distributed teams
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Implementations
  • Sustainability
  • Case Studies
  • Other project management research areas.

Here are current thesis titles:

Topic Area Thesis Title Last Name Author First Name Author Thesis Completion Date Advisor
Agile in Construction Agile in Construction Projects Jin Chen Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
Role of Agile Methods Role of Agile Methods in Global Software Development Kalluri Dinesh Chandra Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
Pharmacovigilance The Role of Pharmaceutical Companies To Protect Patients From Adverse Drug Reactions Nukala Srikanth Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
Agile Methods Success Project Manager’s Perception of Agile Methods Success Sachdeva Ankit Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
E-Commerce Project Management for E-Commerce Businesses Tamhane Jui Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
Agile & Traditional Method The Implication of Agile & Traditional Method as a Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry Shah Vishant Girish Aug-17 Dr. Stephen Onu
ERP Critical Success Factors Importance of ERP Consultants in ERP Implementation Balogun Adekunle Dec-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile Scrum Adopting Agile Scrum Chaganti Anirudh Aug-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Scrum Simulation Game Scrum Sim: A Simulation Game to Learn the Scrum Agile Framework Bassi Anshuman Aug-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile/Waterfall Hybrid Project Management Approach for Software Modernization Bhavsar Chintan May-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Offshore outsourcing Key to success of offshore outsourcing Patel Deep Mar-17 Dr. Tom Sheives
Supply Chain Risks Causes & Mitigations: For the Medical device Companies Patil Dipak May-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Content Management Systems (CMS) Problems in the Traditional Model and advantages of CMS in managing corporate websites Ramalingam Elanchezhian May-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile Sprint Improved Sprint results with offshore Indian teams Abdul Hasheem Fnu Dec-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Soft Skills A Different Approach to Project Management: The Use of Soft Skills Adams Hannah Dec-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile Transition Case study on PPL’s Journey to Agile Transition Tenali Jaya Laksmi Oct-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile Implementation Implementation of Agile Methodology in Public Sector Patel kajal Feb-17 Dr. Tom Sheives
Scrum in distributed team To Overcome Communication Challenges in Distributed/Virtual Scrum Teams Walimbe Priyamvada Dec-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile Innovation through Agile Project Management Kona Raju Feb-17 Dr. Tom Sheives
Hybrid Agile Approach Efficiently blending Traditional and Agile methodologies Wankhede Rashmi Aug-16 Dr. Tom Sheives
Agile in Design & Construction Feasibility in Applying Agile Project Management Methodologies To Building Design and Construction Industry S. Moriel Roy Feb-17 Dr. Tom Sheives
Scrum in GSD Challenges When Using Scrum in Globally Distributed Teams Shah Sweta Dec-16 Dr. Tom Sheives