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Thomas McManus
Director of Learning Technologies & Professional Development
717-901-5100 ext 1633

Cookie-cutter courseware and soporific seminars are the bane of effective learning and development programs. The way to create effective learning is through high quality instructional design and high impact instructional practices. I have collaborated with program leaders, instructors, and subject matter experts – in fields ranging from strategic leadership and higher education to high-tech manufacturing and hazardous materials handling – to design and deliver effective training and education. My expertise in aligning objectives, assessment, and active strategies to target specific needs and goals, along with my in-depth knowledge of how to integrate appropriate learning technologies have allowed me to help organizations solve their educational and development problems.

  • Earned doctorate and almost twenty years teaching in higher education
  • A record of leadership from Program Coordinator to Department Chair to Director
  • Consulted in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia