Discover the three ways Harrisburg University sets up your great career after college.

A lot of colleges talk a good game about experiential (real world) learning, but Harrisburg University of Science and Technology actually delivers the programs that will make a difference in your future success:

(1) Internships – All Harrisburg University students – regardless of major – complete an internship of at least 135 hours in their field. This is real world experience that is highly valued by future employers. It can make a difference in whether YOU get the job or the other guy. Our success with internship placements has garnered national attention by the media.  Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has made the “Short List” at U.S. News for its success placing students in internships.   The University ranks #3 in a U.S. News’ Short List“10 Colleges With the Highest Internship Rates.” The University has a 100 percent success rate and HU is the only college in Pennsylvania to appear in the Top 10 of the ranking.

(2) Your projects – Every student completes two project that gives hands-on real world experience working in the field. When an employer asks if you can do the job, you’ll be able to say, “here’s the proof!”

(3) Coaching from top employment gurus – Harrisburg University works with area employment firms to help our students with their job search, including resume writing and mock interview practice. When you graduate, you’ll be ready to ace the interview and land a great job.

It adds up to the most complete preparation for post-university success available anywhere. And it’s all available to you at HU.

HU+U: Learning Advantage

The goal of learning at Harrisburg University is for students to obtain the relevant knowledge, competence, and experiences to best be prepared for an enriching career. We offer a well-rounded education that includes specialized expertise in your field of study, and significant career-oriented components so you graduate with experiences that make you more prepared and competitive in your career and your life.

It begins with a Foundation in general education courses so you can create competencies in areas such as critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, understanding global and societal issues, and quantitative reasoning. The development of Specialized expertise in your major follows so you gain competencies areas such as applications of technology, teamwork and collaboration, and management and economics of technologies. We add Experiential  components to your education that bring the world of work into the classroom and the world of work becomes the classroom through our mentors, capstone projects, case studies, internships and corporate faculty.

And, regardless of your major, you graduate having demonstrated mastery of eight core competencies that employers and community leaders desire so you possess the skills necessary to enjoy a long-term career.

What’s the result? You learn it, you know it, and you get to do it.