2015 Data Analytics Summit II: Structuring the UNSTRUCTURED. The Missing Element of Analytics

Join fellow academics, strategists, data scientists and analysts at the 2015 Data Analytics Summit II hosted at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.  This free summit, set for December 14-16, specifically addresses how to deal with unstructured data as related to the emerging field of Big Data Analytics. About 70-80% of data is unstructured. This event will examine the leading research, applications, business cases, and solutions across various disciplines. This summit is for leaders and practitioners in business and government, and data scientists, and analysts, researchers, educators and students, who are working on Big Data Analytics issues.


Learn how strategists, data scientists, and analysts are reviewing and working with big data and analytics.

Understand how unstructured data/text challenges are being handled from both a practitioner and researcher perspective.


Big data is changing everything in a more inter-connected world. Learn how processes today can build for new futures.


James Pennebaker,  Centennial Professor, University of Texas, at Austin, Developer of LIWC; and Bob Sutor, Vice President for Mobile, Solutions, and Mathematical Sciences at IBM Research.


  • Analytics, Nudges and Habits – Transforming the World Around Us
  • Intelligent Search: Making Unstructured Data Make Sense
  • Transforming Legislative Advocacy with Big Data
  • Using Big data analytics to solve Mission critical problems
  • Mind Mapping: Using Everyday Language to Explore Social and Psychological Processes
  • Leveraging network structure for insights on unstructured data
  • Technical scientific breakout sessions on unstructured data research papers
  • Vendor training – analytics software and applications of unstructured data

FREE EVENT! Space Limited, Register Early. RSVP is required to this free event online at http://analyticssummit.harrisburgu.edu/

This event will take place at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in PA, located at 326 Market Street in Harrisburg.  Additional information is online at http://analyticssummit.harrisburgu.edu/