A New Partnership in Brazil Offers HU Students Cross-Cultural Learning Opportunities

Harrisburg University of Science and Technology is excited to announce a new and innovative program with new partners in Brazil. The Faculdade de Technologia e Ciencis (College of Technology and Science), or FTC in Brazil and Harrisburg University have produced a new collaborative class providing opportunities for both students from Brazil to visit the US, but also for HU  students to visit Brazil.

Harrisburg University is looking for 10 students to participate in this cross-cultural and collaborative program with the FTC. The University wants to send 10 students to Brazil for a class with 10 students from the FTC. HU faculty and FTC faculty will co-teach a course that included the history and culture of Brazil, and tropical ecology that included several days in the rainforest.

Harrisburg University is going to subsidize this partnership to make it affordable for HU students. HU will see that most expenses are covered for participating students in this new class. Covered expenses include transportation, room, and board while in Brazil and transit to and from the FTC.

If new prospects attract your attention; if new places draw you in; if exciting learning opportunities are just what you have been looking for; come to the orientation meeting this Friday and find out how to apply for your place in the first Field Studies in Brazil class.  Friday, 3 February 2017. 12:10 PM in Room 1305.  Questions?  Email RFurey@HarrisburgU.edu