Analytics and Big Data: The Next High-demand Field

The use of data in today’s businesses is exploding, and so is the number of jobs needed to support it.

Experts predict that a significant shortage of candidates with the needed training and skills is inevitable. By 2018, a shortage of 140,000 to 190,000 people with deep analytical skills and 1.5 million data-savvy managers and analysts is likely.

Get Needed Skills for Big Data Careers

To support the big data revolution, three types of roles are predicted to be essential, and each will require special skill set. Get the training you need to be part of this high-demand field with the Masters in Analytics program from Harrisburg University:

Data Scientists and Statisticians

People with the technical skills in statistics, machine learning, data science, and modeling to analyze huge volumes of data and derive valuable insights.

Harrisburg U’s M.S. in Analytics Course

ANLY515: Risk Modeling and Assessment – Mathematical risk modeling, Probability assessment, SASS tools

ANLY505: Modeling, Simulation, and Gamification – Mathematical modeling, Probability, and Game design

ANLY500: Analytics: Principles and Applications – Descriptive analytics, Advanced Excel

ANLY510: Principles of Analytics – Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Data-savvy managers and analysts

Leaders who have the skills to pose right questions, interpret and challenge results, and make good decisions based on findings.

Harrisburg U’s M.S. in Analytics Course Specialized Career Skills
MGMT510: Business strategies and management Business Strategy & Management Principles, Strategic Management
ISEM565: Decision Support and Business Intelligence Business Intelligence & Decision Support System

Information Systems and Database Architects

Experts who can develop, implement and maintain hardware and software tools needed for databases, reporting, and visualization. Do you have the skills you need? The Master of Science in Analytics can help you get there. Request more information about the Master of Science in Analytics today.

Harrisburg U’s M.S. in Analytics Course Specialized Career Skills
ANLY699: Applied Projects in Analytics Analytics Solution Design & Development
ISEM500: Strategic Information Systems Planning, Engineering, and Management IT Architecture, Strategic Information Systems Planning, Engineering & Management

Industries Need Data Experts

It is difficult to name an industry that isn’t expanding their use of data to maximize efficiency and profitability. Big data experts will be needed in many industries, some of the largest being retail, healthcare, marketing, manufacturing, operations, supply chain management, merchandizing, education, and government. Experts say the US healthcare industry alone could save $300 billion annually with effective data and analytics programs, and the retail industry could see a 60% increase in operating margin.

Enter the workforce with the skills, confidence, and expertise you need to succeed in an information-intensive world. Learn more about this exciting program by filling out your information now!