Analytics for Environmental Policymaking: Turning data into insights

The Center for E3 is working with The Environmental Council of the States (ECOS) to advance evidenced-based decision making in environmental policy development.  ECOS is the national nonprofit, nonpartisan association of state and territorial environmental agency leaders whose purpose is to improve the capability of state environmental agencies and their leaders to protect and improve human health and the environment of the United States of America.

Kevin Purcell, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Data Science & Program Lead for the ANLY Program, and Pavlo Buryi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Economics are surveying ECOS members on current practices, attitudes, needs, aspirations, and obstacles to developing and using analytical tools to support evidence-based policymaking in state and territorial environmental agencies.  The survey will gather information on the use of/potential for data science for environmental policymaking by state and territorial environmental agencies. The survey results will be published, and used to inform future collaborative efforts with ECOS and its member agencies.




“The Fracking Debate” Lecture: