Complete one of the following Concentrations – 15 semester hours:

Individualized Concentration:

The Master of Science in Analytics student can choose electives totaling 15 credits from any graduate-level program. This option allows Analytic students to build their own customized specialization and concentrations.

Healthcare Informatics Concentration:

HCIN 500
Healthcare Informatics
(3 credits)
HCIN 515
Essential Informatics Skills I
(3 credits)
HCIN 520
Essential Informatics Skills II
(3 credits)
HCIN 545
Healthcare Data
(3 credits)
(3 credits)

Pharmaceutical Sciences Concentration:
Additional Admission Requirements: The following are requirements in addition to those that are part of the general graduate admissions requirements for the Pharmaceutical Sciences Concentration:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a biological or life science
  • Minimum GPA: 3.2
  • Undergraduate academic requirements by content area:
    • Organic Chemistry: 8 credit hours
    • General Chemistry: 4 credit hours
    • General Biology: 4 credit hours
    • General Physics: 4 credit hours
    • Precalculus or higher math: 3 credit hours
BTEC 625
(3 credits)
PHAR 520
Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
(3 credits)
PHAR 525
Drug Transport
(3 credits)
PHAR 540
Drug Metabolism
(3 credits)
Choose one of the following courses – 3 semester hours:
BTEC 508
Omics for Life Sciences
(3 credits)
BTEC 540
(3 credits)
BTEC 610
Advanced Topics in Drug Discovery
(3 credits)
BTEC 612
Regulatory Affairs in Life Sciences Industries
(3 credits)
BTEC 634
Healthcare Economics
(3 credits)
BTEC 635
Clinical Pharmacology
(3 credits)

*The student can choose a course from any of the Master of Science programs.