Why join MS Biotechnology?

According to a Forbes online article titled, “The Best And Worst Master’s Degrees For Jobs In 2016,” Biotechnology ranks #34 among the top 45 Master’s degrees, with mid-career pay of $97,500 and a growth projection of 7%.

What is unique about the HU MS BTEC program?

The 36-credit hour M.S. in Biotechnology program will offer students an ability to gain specialization while customizing and individualizing the education for desired skills and careers. All students must complete 18 credits of core courses. Then, they can choose concentrations of biomanufacturing, medical biotechnology, or business and management of biotechnology.  

Is this program comparable with respect to tuition with other universities? 

Very much. Our overall per course tuition is almost 45-50% of that of other universities offering MS BTEC program.  

If I am looking for career change, will this course help me?

If you have a BS, this program will help you seek higher position.  
If you are an experienced BTEC professional, this program will help you build on your experience and acquire additional skills to set your career in a different trajectory.  
If you are in a consulting professional, this program will help you stay current in your professional field.

If I am an international student on CPT, and have a BS in sciences, can I join this program?

You can definitely join this program and our DSO’s will help you confirm that. At present, several ISEM and Project Management students are taking some electives from this program to augment their skills.

If I have a specific career goal, is this program structured to help me achieve that goal?

All of the workforce people need to be skill-savvy, and they need to have a fundamental science background. But they need to specialize. That is what this program really allows people to do. That’s the value added.