Position Summary: Harrisburg University of Science and Technology has a need beginning in the fall of 2013 for highly qualified part-time, corporate faculty/instructors to staff a variety of courses each semester. Part-time corporate faculty may instruct one or two courses each semester on an “as needed” basis. Some of the courses for which we are/will be seeking instructors in are: mathematics (especially College Algebra), computer science (especially Programming), and interactive media (especially in Introduction to New Media and 3D modeling).
Essential Duties: Corporate faculty are expected to teach specified course(s); prepare course and laboratory materials; and provide support and guidance to students.
Minimum Requirements: Master’s Degree and previous teaching experience.
Preferred Qualifications: PhD in mathematics, computer and information sciences and/or  a closely related discipline; plus a willingness to be flexible in class scheduling.

CISC 120 Programming Fundamentals I (4 semester hours)
Prerequisites:  Two years of high school algebra or equivalent
Corequisites:  Intermediate algebra
Description:  This course introduces the concepts and techniques of computer programming. Emphasis is placed on developing the student’s ability to apply problem-solving strategies to design algorithms and to implement these algorithms in a modern, structured programming language.  Topics include fundamental programming constructs, problem solving techniques, simple data structures, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), program structure, data types and declarations, control statements, algorithm strategies and algorithm development.

CISC 290 Introduction to New Media Design (4 semester hours)
Prerequisites: CISC 120
Corequisites: None
This course explores basic concepts of new media as well as the role new media technologies play in society. Students will complete a wide range of assignments (print, animated, three dimensional, and interactive) which utilize digital media software and techniques, as well as investigate the art of critiquing digital media artifacts.

IMED 300 3D Modeling I (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites:  None
3D graphics and animation is used in a wide variety of industries including advertising, architecture, broadcast television, cinematic content creation, education, and forensic science to name a few.  This course introduces students to the foundations of 3d modeling and digital animation. Students will focus on creation and modification of 3D geometric shapes, rendering techniques, the use of 3d cameras, virtual light sources, texturing, and surface mapping. This interactive course utilizes industry-related technology and software.

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