Cyber-security student makes Harrisburg University his academic home

Stepping onto the campus at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology was like Tyler Ross had finally found his academic home.  The 21-year-old Lancaster County native struggled to find a school that met his needs inside and outside the classroom.

tyler ross“HU was like no other school I’d ever visited,” Ross said. “It’s a completely different atmosphere than anything I’ve ever been familiar with. Professors interact with students, and the small classrooms mean you get to know everyone by their first name and actually build a relationship.”

Ross’ father was attending a convention at the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg when he saw Harrisburg University on his way out of the city. Knowing his son was struggling to find his place in a computer-related field, he suggested Ross look into what HU had to offer.

Before finding Harrisburg University, Ross had changed his major five or six times in about three years at another school. The loss of credits and wasted time left him feeling drained. When a professor at his old school knew Ross wanted to go into cyber security, Harrisburg University came up as a transfer option.

“I knew I needed something that would work for me, but I wasn’t getting a lot of guidance on what would help me get into the right field,” he said.

Ross’ love of computers, especially learning how to use computers to protect information, led him to HU’s cyber-security program. He transferred to HU in September, and he hasn’t regretted a moment of time at his new school since.

In addition to helping Ross understand how he can use a cyber security degree in the real world, HU also helped him stay close to home. Because his parents both work a lot, it’s tougher for them to travel to a campus far away, he said.

As a new student on campus, Ross tries to get to know others by getting involved. He’s a member of the philosophy club and the young business leaders of Harrisburg organization. With hopes of either working for a government agency, Ross believes making connections on campus will help him make connections in the professional world.

“There are 12242206_900452913343816_181682651_nso many people involved in the clubs, whether it’s students, faculty or even a few community members,” he said. “The small campus makes it easy to make a lot of friends, and professors encourage us to be active outside of the classroom.”

In the next year, Ross hopes to learn more about cyber-security analysis, especially when it comes to stopping credit card fraud by finding out who, where and why someone might commit fraud. He looks forward to the hands-on experience HU can help him find through an internship.

“These are modern day problems that aren’t going away anytime soon,” he said. “HU has helped me understand how a cyber-security degree can be used in the real world. I’m confident I’ll find a job in this field thanks to the education I’m getting now. That’s a pretty good feeling.”

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