Distinguished Speaker series to spotlight in-demand Data Analytics, AI trends

Mark your calendars.

You don’t want to miss the Fall 2018 Monthly Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series in Data Analytics and Applied Artificial Intelligence set to take place monthly at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology’s Philadelphia location from September through December.

Thought leaders in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will be featured at the free events organized by Dr. Jay Liebowitz, Distinguished Chair of Applied Business and Finance at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. The discussions will take place at HU Philadelphia, 1500 Spring Garden St., on Tuesday evenings, beginning Sept. 25. Presentations and Q&As will be held from 4:30-5:30 p.m., followed by networking/light refreshments from 5:30-6 pm.

Why Data Analytics and AI?

With more and more data becoming available to organizations each day, the demand for business analytics professionals who can organize and extract useful information from data analytics continues to skyrocket. In fact, the Harvard Business Review has deemed the position of data scientist the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.”

speakers - ron daniel, scott nestler, joshua schnell, jan neumann

Pictured clockwise from top left are Dr. Ron Daniel, Dr. Scott Nestler, Dr. Joshua Schnell, and Dr. Jan Neumann.

The Harvard Review has also called Artificial Intelligence, especially Machine Learning, “the most important general-purpose technology of our era,” adding that “new products and processes are being made possible by better vision systems, speech recognition, intelligent problem solving, and many other capabilities that machine learning delivers.”

The discussions are open to the community, and especially relevant to students and professionals in industry, government, academia, the nonprofit sector and more.

As Dr. Liebowitz puts it: “Two of the hottest areas in industry now are Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. At HU, we have courses and/or programs in these areas and this new Distinguished Lecture Series is meant to enhance the learning opportunities for our HU students, faculty, and community at large, especially in the Philadelphia area.”

Dr. Ron Daniel, Director of Elsevier Labs, a Research & Development Group that concentrates on smart content and on the future of scholarly communications, will open the Distinguished Speaker Series Sept. 25 when he delivers a lecture titled: “Semi-automated exploration and extraction of data in scientific tables.”

Most experimental results reported in scientific articles and recorded in databases, or in supplements to articles, are provided in tables. Dr. Daniel will highlight tools Elsevier Labs is prototyping to help guide people in the exploration of tables from many articles and the extraction and merging of the data they contain. This talk will show examples of what has been accomplished by manually merging such data.

The second Distinguished Speaker will be Dr. Scott Nestler, Academic Director, MS in Business Analytics Program at the University of Notre Dame. Dr. Nestler will present, “Should We?” Not Just “Can We?”: Ethical Considerations in Data Science and Business Analytics,” on Oct. 16. Dr. Nestler will discuss how data-informed decision making creates new opportunities, but also expands the set of possible risks to organizations when technical capabilities get too far ahead of ethical considerations.

November’s Distinguished Speaker will be Dr. Joshua Schnell, Director of Clarivate Analytics, who will deliver a lecture titled “Applying Data Analytics and AI to Understand Citation Context” on Nov. 13.

Authors cite references in papers for a variety of reasons (e.g. confirmatory vs. critical), and when doing so they use wide-ranging language.  With the increasing availability of machine-readable research articles, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML), techniques are being used to determine the meaning of references at scale.  This lecture will introduce the concept of citation context, review the latest research on applying NLP and ML to determine the meaning of a cited reference, and highlight areas of opportunity for future study.

Dr. Jan Neumann, Director of the Comcast Applied Artificial Intelligence Research Group, will round out the Lecture Series when he presents: “How AI Allows Comcast to Reinvent the Customer Experience” on Dec. 4.

Comcast uses AI and Machine Learning in many of its products. From the Emmy winning voice remote for the X1 entertainment product, to anticipating the needs of the customer in the digital home, Neumann will show attendees how machine learning is an essential part of Comcast’s content discovery platform to help customers find the content they love, and how it allows the company’s smart media analytics solutions to enable a richer navigation and search experience.

“We have some of the leading practitioners and academics from top organizations speaking as part of this Lecture Series,” Dr. Liebowitz added. “We hope that this will help build our presence with our new HU campus in Philadelphia, and also develop collaborative opportunities for our students and faculty with those primarily-based Philadelphia organizations.”

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For more information, visit the Data Analytics Series webpage or contact Dr. Liebowitz at Jliebowitz@HarrisburgU.edu or 717-901-5163.

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