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Nathaniel Ashby, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Analytics

Phone Number:

717-901-5100 x1660


Ph.D. in Psychology – Universitat of Erfurt, Erfurt, Germany.
M.Sc. in Psychology – University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA.
BS w/honors in Psychology – University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon, USA.


Dr. Nathaniel Ashby is fascinated by human decision-making processes (i.e., why we do the things we do). Understanding these complex and often perplexing behaviors is what drew him to Psychology as an undergrad and what motivated him to pursue a Ph.D. Conducting studies and finding interventions that might assist people to make better decisions is both challenging and rewarding. He thinks engagement in research is something every graduate should experience.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Dr. Ashby is interested in the role individual differences play in judgement and decision making and how it can provide for efficient assessment in industry. For example, how does numeric ability and memory capacity influence decision making in complex analytic environments? His interest also spans in the way we collect information and use it to inform our decisions, as well as the biases we show during that process. To that end, he uses a large amount of eye-tracking and other process tracing methodologies to answer his research questions.

Courses Taught at HU:

Analytics II
Applied Experimental
Data Analytics
Qualitative Decision Making
Quasi-Experimental Design