Bachelor of Science in Interactive Media/Masters of Science in Learning Technologies –The undergraduate hours consist of:  1) 18 semester hours of Foundation courses, 2) 30 semester hours of General Education, 3) 13 semester hours of Experiential Learning,  and 4) 47 semester hours of IMED Core courses. The graduate hours consist of:  1) 15 semester hours of LTMS core courses, 2) 6 semester hours of LTMS Experiential Learning, and 3) 15 semester hours of Graduate elective courses.

 Interactive Media Requirements – This program requires a total of 47 semester hours. The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

Complete all of the following Interactive Media Core courses – 47 semester hours:

IMED 110        Introduction to Digital Design                            (2)

IMED 170        Visual Design Fundamentals                              (4)

IMED 205        Critical Game Studies                                         (2)

IMED 240        Interactive Media I                                             (4)

IMED 250        Video Production I                                            (2)

IMED 290        Game Analysis Laboratory                                 (1)

IMED 300        3D Modeling I                                                  (3)

IMED 310        3D Modeling II                                                 (3)

IMED 340        Interactive Media II                                            (4)

IMED 385        Game Design                                                    (3)

IMED 400        Interactive Studio                                               (4)

CISC 120          Fundamentals of Computing                              (4)

COMM 225      Cinema Studies                                                  (2)

ENGL 310       Creative Writing                                                 (3)

MEBA 210       Introduction to Internet and Web Technologies  (3)

PMGT 510       Principles of Project Management                       (3)


Learning Technologies Requirements – The following courses comprise the Learning Technologies Master of Science program- 36 semester hours.  The semester value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).

 Complete all of the following Core courses – 15 semester hours

LTMS 500        Macro Instructional Design                                (3)

LTMS 510        Learning Technologies and Solutions                  (3)

LTMS 514        Media, Selection, Design and Production             (3)

LTMS 518        eLearning Development                                     (3)

LTMS 525        Learning Theories & Instructional Strategies        (3)


Complete the following Experiential courses – 6 semester hours

GRAD 695       Research Methodology and Writing                    (3)


GRAD 699       Graduate Thesis


LTMS 698        Learning Technologies Internship                      (3)


LTMS 699        Learning Technologies Applied Project



Concentration courses – 15 semester hours

Many professionals are generalists in the field and the student may select an individualized general approach to LTMS program via the elective semester hours.  As the profession evolves and new techniques and technologies create new opportunities, there are benefits to developing skills in a concentrated area. The Learning Technologies program offers concentrations that allow focus of elective coursework on a specific career outcome.

Details on these concentrations can be found in the Master of Science in Learning Technologies in the Graduate Education section of the website.

Games & Simulations

Instructional Technology

Instructional Design

Instructional Development