Course Work During Inclement Weather and Unscheduled Closings

When faced with the unplanned physical closure of Harrisburg University (326 Market Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101 and other physical locations) due to inclement weather or other reasons, it is understood that course work will continue. Faculty will decide whether coursework will be conducted in asynchronous or synchronous (or combined) format. Asynchronous format refers to course work that can be done by students independent of the instructor or other students. Synchronous format refers to sessions that will be held in real time involving both the students and instructor.

Asynchronous or Synchronous Virtual Format:

Asynchronous: Faculty will provide course content, activities, or assessments in the session(s). Students will complete these activities during the day, independent from one another. Examples may include:

Asynchronous Activity Examples (for more ideas contact
A ‘QA’ forum (meaning one must post before reading the posts of others) featuring scenario-based activities requiring learners to think through ill-structured problems while documenting their thought processes and potential solutions
Assignments or readings from course textbook and online submission of a post and/or discussion
Revisit previous lab work and identify extensions of the activity or additional real-world applications for the completed lab
Identification of examples (and non-examples) of a course tenet (e.g. identifying examples and non-examples of quality user interface design)
Student development of discussion questions based on the course content taught to date

Synchronous: Faculty will provide a class session, during the scheduled or adjusted time, using Adobe Connect in a synchronous, virtual format. Faculty that intend to use the synchronous option for the Fall, Late Fall, Spring, or Late Spring semesters should contact to communicate their desire for Adobe Connect resources. Please include in your message the Course Number, Section, and Semester for all courses that you would like to have a synchronous option for. Subsequent orientation and training on the system will be provided.