Harrisburg University propels student into computer technology field

Sri Dhital came to Harrisburg University of Science and Technology hoping to find a degree that could help him make a difference.

Dhital is confident his education will propel him into the future as he pursues an education in the computer and information sciences program with a concentration in cyber security.

Born and raised in a Bhutanese Refugee Camp setup by the United Nations in eastern Nepal, Dhital and his family move to the United States in March 2010 as part of a third country resettlement program sponsored by the UN. While Dhital didn’t grow up playing with computers and smartphones like many of his American peers, he was intrigued by what he could learn.

The world of technology fascinated him, and Dhital knew he wanted to go into a career that would help him stay on top of the latest in computer advancement. He liked that Harrisburg University could offer him a high tech education that was close to where his family lived in Harrisburg.

“I felt HU could give me a stellar education for an affordable price,” he said. “I believe the education I’m getting is similar to what a lot of students see at a much bigger school, but I’m not paying those prices.”

Dhital first considered a degree in computer engineering, but with the help and guidance of his family, friends and an academic counselor, Dhital chose cyber security has his area of concentration. While any area of technology appealed to Dhital, protecting data and information that travels through cyber networks seemed exciting, he said.

Dhital has gained hands-on experience during his senior year through an internship with Highmark. He’s worked with a team to build front end web development, user interface programs, functional testing and client consultations. Testing software allows Dhital to see how these programs work in the real world and have given him the skills he’ll need to build his career.

When he isn’t figuring out how to develop new cyber-security features, Dhital burns energy with HU’s Athletic Club, which allows students to play soccer, dodgeball and other sports on Harrisburg’s City Island or in other gyms. He’s also a member of the Asian Culture Club, where he interacts with students who celebrate a culture similar to what Dhital grew up with in Nepal.

The student-to-faculty ratio is one of Dhital’s favorite things about Harrisburg University.

“It’s not like a big campus where you have to make an appointment to see a professor, and that’s they only time they can talk to you,” he said. “Not only do my professors make it a point to be available, but there are a lot of other students interested in working together on projects or just brainstorming. I don’t see that in a lot of other places.”

Dhital hopes to pursue a career in cyber security – perhaps even opening his own business, he said. The flexibility of a degree in technology has given Dhital peace of mind that, no matter how he wants to use his degree, society will have a need for those types of skills.

“HU is committed to being where the future is going,” he said. “Going to a school with that mindset helps me know I’m in the right place.”

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