Human-Centered Interaction Design – The following courses comprise the Master of Science in Human-Centered Interaction Design – 36 semester hours. The semester hour value of each course appears in parentheses ( ).


Complete all of the following Core courses – 18 semester hours:

IMED 500
Design Perspectives
(3 credits)
IMED 504
Methods for Design Research
(3 credits)
IMED 510
Human Sociotechnical Interactions
(3 credits)
IMED 520
Users & Populations
(3 credits)
IMED 540
Design Tools & Processes
(3 credits)
IMED 570
Designing Patterns & Contexts
(3 credits)

Complete the following experiential courses – 6 semester hours:

IMED 695
Design Research Studio
(3 credits)


GRAD 699
Graduate Thesis
(3 credits)

Complete the following concentration:

Individualized Concentration:
The Master of Science in Human-Centered Interaction Design student must take 12 elective credits (9 credits of existing courses with advisor consultation/approval and a 3 credit IMED 680 Special Topics course). Existing course offerings across Harrisburg University’s master’s degree programs will provide the student with opportunities to deepen their skills and knowledge of cognate areas in Analytics, Healthcare IT, E-Business, and IS/IT Management, dependent on the student’s interest. Upon acceptance to the program, the student will receive one-on-one advising to craft an appropriate program of study that balances the core focus in HCID, with complementary training from other Harrisburg University graduate programs. The intent is to provide the student with personally relevant training in subject and skill areas that align to the student’s career goals.