HU celebrates International Games Week

video-gameInternational Games Week (Nov. 3-9) is upon us, and it is a way to bring the community together through their local libraries.

Completely volunteer run, participating libraries organize different types of play events during the week.

At HU, Librarian David Runyon has created a list of events and has placed flyers throughout campus that contain a QR code that shows the agenda for the week. You can also view the agenda through the Student Life Portal developed by Professor Melanie Stegman and HU students Here.

Each year during International Games Week, HU Professor/Production Coordinator Anthony Ortega showcases games students created in his Game Design class and/or horror / spooky themed games if the week falls on Halloween. This year, Ortega is trying something new and running a tabletop role playing game called “Kids on Bikes.”
Similar to “Dungeons and Dragons,” Kids on Bikes sees players take on the roles of characters and use dice to determine how successful they are in accomplishing tasks. Unlike D&D, Kids on Bikes has the players play as regular kids or adults in a small town while encountering something extraordinary, whether it’s supernatural, paranormal, or extraterrestrial. Also, unlike D&D, which is very scripted and has the players respond to a scripted scenario created by the dungeon master, Kids on Bikes is a much more collaborative, improv-based storytelling experience. The game master and the players craft the story together, making it a much more unique and engaging story. For more information about “Kids on Bikes, visit this Link.  

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