Computer & Information Sciences students help fight Coronavirus

Computer & Information SciencesHarrisburg University (HU) Computer Information Sciences (CISC) master’s students are contributing to the United States defense against the corona virus, COVID-19.

The HU CISC graduate students are working with health institutions to analyze COVID-19 data. Many of the COVID-19 task forces, state and federal, clearly state that mining Coronavirus data is the key to combating the virus.

Data mining information produced by HU CISC graduate students will add to the understanding of the virus’ behavior and spread. The HU Computer Science Program is stepping up to the challenge with two student research groups: Data Mining (520DME) and Big Data Architectures (525BDA). The students aide in building data infrastructures and in the development of efficient algorithms to discover these hidden patterns.

The students are optimistic their work will lead to approaches that slow or stop the spread of the virus, said CISC Professor Ron Jones. The students ‘efforts are implemented through course projects that are under the direction of their course instructors.

Additionally, a group of the HU CISC program researchers are involved with mentoring and advising the students. The students are supported by the HU CISC High Performance Computing Research Laboratory.

The CISC master’s students are proud to join our front line fighters against this massive threat to our world. Harrisburg University continues to exhibit its leadership in STEM education and dedication to its students.

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