HU Welcomes Quantum Experts for e-Meetup

On Monday evening, March 30, 2020, Harrisburg University will host two experts in leading-edge methods for controlling quantum computers. Niels Bultink (CEO) and Jules van Oven (CTO) of Qblox, based in the Netherlands, will present the complex technologies underlying their Qblox control unit, which controls the qubits inside a quantum computer. The presentation will be an interactive live online meeting.

A quantum computer requires a control system to interface between the classical world and the quantum bits. In their talk, they discuss this control system and walk through the various layers of the stack.

They will start at the level of the quantum processor to understand the different types of signals that are required for logic gates and measurements. In a live demo they will show how a high-level quantum language is translated into these analog signals and show them on an oscilloscope. The Qblox approach is scalable to hundreds of qubits and is compatible with many different experimental platforms.

Qblox is a company that focuses on the control electronics required for quantum computing. The company is based in the Netherlands and is a spin-off of QuTech, one of the largest quantum technology institutes worldwide.

The research interests of Qblox include quantum information processing and implementations of fault-tolerant quantum computing. Their work focuses particularly on controlling multi-qubit processors to build quantum computers with an ever-increasing number of qubits.

The event is produced by HU professors and will be broadcast live, interactively, via Zoom. For more details and to register for the event, see the homepage of the Philadelphia/Harrisburg Quantum Computing Meetup group Here.

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