HU’s Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning brings lessons to life

Classroom lectures don’t cut it at a modern STEM-based university. Delivering education at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology involves harnessing effective teaching technology that bring lessons to life.

With this in mind, HU recently established the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, where our faculty find resources to develop and incorporate innovative teaching methods and tools.

“Teaching centers are cropping up all over the world. Smaller schools are looking at centers for teaching and learning as ways to both show that they are serious about teaching, and to support their faculty,” said Dr. Thomas Fox McManus, Co-Director of the center with Lauren Edgell, MSEd. “We provide the services to help faculty promote student success.”

With HU’s blend of traditional and online courses, Edgell and McManus work with faculty spread across the globe. Both help professors design learner-centered courses via one-on-one consulting, online conferences, workshops, in classrooms and on the phone.

“The fear of failure never enters the conversation,” Edgell said. “HU is built on innovation, so the center encourages faculty to experiment.”

“HU’s unique in that we are really focused on innovation here,” Edgell continued. “There is an environment here where innovation is supported and grown.”

In measuring success, McManus and Edgell look to the growing number of “customers” who return to the center for support.

“Success also involves community building and encouraging standards across HU’s different locations and platforms the university has grown into,” McManus said

Whether at HU’s main campus in Harrisburg, its Philadelphia location, other parts of the world, or online, the center’s goal is to encourage and support all faculty in building and sustaining a culture of innovation, reflection and continuous improvement of teaching and learning to promote faculty and student success.

“The impetus is for active learning, experiential learning and problem-based learning, rather than just lecturing in front of the classroom,” Edgell said. “I consider each time a faculty member learns something new, and implements it in a class they are teaching, a success.”

For more information on the HU Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning, visit LearnHU on Moodle, or email