Doctorate education focuses on enabling students to make original contributions to their respective fields of study.

Overall Structure of the ISEM Ph.D. Program
isem phd overall structure

  • The qualified students may come with backgrounds in computer science/IT, engineering, sciences, business and other disciplines such as pharmacy, law and agriculture.
  • The students conduct research by using behavioral, design science or mixture of experimental design techniques propose and verify theories and/or create innovative artifacts.
  • A wide range of sources, shown in Figure3, are used by the students to select “PhD Hard” problems for their research topics
  • Sample research questions may include a wide range of people, processes, and technologies issues facing the next generation of digital enterprises

ISEM PhD students are required to complete six (6) courses from the following upper-level courses – 18 semester hours:

  • ISEM 700: Smart Enterprises and Strategic Intelligence
  • ISEM 725: Advanced Business Process Modeling and Simulation
  • ISEM 730: Advanced Systems Engineering
  • ISEM 760: Advances in Operations Management or a 700 level course in Analytics
  • MGMT 731: Advances in Entrepreneurship and Innovation or a 700 level course in Analytics
  • ISEM 770: Advanced Topics in ISEM

Students then complete six hours in the Doctoral Research Seminar:

  • ISEM 780 Doctoral Research SeminarI
  • ISEM 781 Doctoral Research SeminarII

Students must also complete the dissertation process by taking 12 semester hours of ISEM 799 Doctoral Studies.

The ISEM Ph.D Courses at a Glance

isem phd courses

You may apply online at If you have not obtained an MS in ISEM from the University, you may wish to get that application by emailing Students can send any questions and completed applications and all supporting documents materials to Applications are not considered complete and are not evaluated unless all documents are present. International students may find answers to non-admissions related questions at