Electives – 12 or 15 Semester Hours

Any graduate course from any graduate program that are not required by the program, may be applied toward the elective requirement. This component of the program may be used to complete a concentration in a specific topic or may be used to individualize the student’s program of study. For a list of other graduate courses that can be used toward the elective requirements, please check the course catalog.

If you are a project manager you know that the success of your projects will often depend on training people how to use the new systems or processes you are putting into place. If you are an information systems or analytics professional you have learned that an “intuitive” system still needs to be explained and results still need to be presented. Training is an integral part of your success in any field.

The LTMS program provides the skills and knowledge to supplement your career. In the courses you see below you will learn how people learn, the learning tools you have available and the processes that are used by the people who will develop the training for your program, your project or your data. You may not be creating training, but you will be writing the specifications to get the training you need.

These courses will be offered in both executive format and online.

LTMS 500 Macro Instructional Design (3 semester hours)
This course focuses on the use of an instructional design process to improve learning outcomes, with an emphasis on the analysis components of instructional design that create a foundation for successful learning solutions. The course explores tools and techniques for analysis, design, development, delivery and evaluation and addresses strategies that can be enhanced by technology integration. The goal of the course is to establish a systematic process for designing instruction and explores trends and technology integration opportunities throughout the process.

Of note to Project Management students, this class will focus on both the standard instructional design method, called ADDIE (analyze, design, develop implement and evaluate), and an Agile instructional design method.

LTMS 510 Learning Technologies and Solutions (3 semester hours)
This course presents an overview of multiple technology-based solutions to realize learning outcomes. Beyond a survey of learning software, the course challenges the student to think broadly about emerging technology trends that present opportunities. By establishing a systematic decision analysis process, the student is able to assess suitable technology tools for specific environments and learning needs. A broad survey of open source and proprietary solutions are explored, as well as emerging trends in learning technologies. Course topics are examined within a framework of a learning strategy and a learning architecture.

LTMS 525 Learning Theories and Instructional Strategies (3 semester hours)
This course is an in-depth exploration of learning theories including, but not limited to, behavioral modeling, cognitive processing, metacognition, motivation, social learning, constructivism and connectivism. Culture and learning, brain research and the integration of technology to support learning theories are also explored. Theories and practices are examined within the context of creating instructional strategies as part of learning design with a focus on technology-supported learning solutions.

This course may be of interest to those thinking about crossing over into the education or training areas, or working closely on training projects.