Can I get both a Certificate and a Master’s degree for the same courses?

Yes, although you must let the registrar know of your desire to do so. The goal of the Instructional Design Certificate is to offer students a credential that may help them gain employment as an instructional designer while they continue their studies. 

Should I enroll in the Learning Technologies Program if I want to learn technology?

While LTMS students will use a wide variety of technology during the program, and probably learn a few new things as well, the program focuses on how technology is used in learning. If you wish to learn technology there are other programs available at Harrisburg University that focus more directly on how technology works.

If I am a student in another program, should I take LTMS courses?

If you are involved in implementing new technology your job will probably require you to work with the training department to help in your rollout. When that time comes you will need to specify what you need. LTMS courses will allow you to participate fully in those discussions.