This 36 semester hour graduate program in Project management provides each student with a focused, applied and rigorous experience in creating, implementing and assessing projects.

The MSPM requires 6 core courses and 2 Experiential courses with 4 Elective courses.  The core MSPM courses are described below.  For a complete list of all courses please refer to the Harrisburg University Course Catalog.


MGMT 520 Professional Communication (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: None 

Description: This course provides training in business writing, interpersonal communication and oral communication to prepare the student to be a more effective professional communicator. The student works on projects in the classroom that offer practical applications of concepts covered in the textbook, including case study examples of poorly executed business communication that the student revises and improves. The student also writes a proposal and a report, and prepares a plan to manage a project team kickoff meeting.


MGMT 560 Organizational Leadership (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: MGMT 520

Description: Successful project managers are adept at leading. Leadership, however, is a complex undertaking that requires knowledge and understanding of a number of competencies. This course builds these competencies. Focusing on organizational leadership, the course explores and develops skills and knowledge needed to lead organizational transformation and change, negotiate conflict resolution, build relationships and human capital, and instill business ethics and professional codes of conduct.


PMGT 510 Principles of Project Management (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: None

Description: This course introduces the student to the variety of skills and roles of the IT project manager. The student is introduced to the techniques of project management from setting goals and objectives through managing the selection of support products and procurement.


PMGT 530 Procurement, Contracts, and Risk Management (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: PMGT 510 

Description: The student achieves expertise in managing project risks and conducting project procurement that will help them succeed in the workplace. Through the use of real life project examples and scenarios, the student is shown how to reduce negative risk exposure in projects by using effective risk management practices. The student also will be shown how to plan a procurement, understand different procurement methods and types of contacts, find a vendor and write a Request for Proposal to apply these concepts to actual projects.


PMGT 540 Planning and Executing Projects (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: PMGT 510 

Description: This course uses Microsoft Project software to schedule and control projects. The student is introduced to, and practices with, the most widely-used project management software system available. Functions, monitoring alternative usages and maintaining data are developed as the student builds a project from the ground up. This is a comprehensive, semester-long project budgeting, scheduling and control course where practiced theory is the platform for learning.


PMGT 570 Agile Project Management with Scrum Methodology (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: None

Description: This course provides to the student the features, benefits, and practices of using Agile Project Management with Scrum Methodology and that this approach differs from traditional project management at the project level and enterprise level.


GRAD 695 Research Methodology and Writing (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: Completion of at least 18 graduate semester hours

Description: This course guides the student to develop and finalize a selected research problem and to construct a proposal that effectively establishes the basis for either writing a thesis or launching an experiential capstone project. The course provides an overview of strategies for effective problem investigation and solution proposal. Research methodology is studies and applied as part of suggesting a solution to a problem. Writing and formatting techniques are also explored and applied as a communication tool for cataloging the investigation and recommending the solution.


GRAD 699 Graduate Thesis (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: GRAD 695 and the permission of instructor

Description: In consultation with the advisor, the student conducts research designed in GRAD 695 to address a problem as identified in the solution proposal.


PMGT 699 Applied Project in Project Management (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: GRAD 695 and permission of instructor

Description: This course allows the student to pursue an area of interest that is within the broad scope of project management. A faculty member supervises this study.


PMGT 572 Agile Scrum Applied Projects (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: PMGT 570

Description: This course provides the student with hands on experiential learning using Agile Scrum as a member of a team. The team develops a vision statement and user stories for a real application. The team then implements the product that is specified using Agile Scrum Framework and all of the standard Agile Scrum ceremonies such as Product Backlog, Sprints, Sprint Planning, Release Planning, Daily Standups, Sprint Review, and Sprint Retrospectives. Team members play the actual roles of Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Developers, Testers, etc. The course produces an actual working viable product that can be demonstrated to stakeholders. The teams consists of a mix of graduate students from Project Management, ISEM, Computer Science, Analytics, and Learning Technologies.


PMGT 574 Agile Lean Product Development (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: None

Description: This level course provides the student with key strategies in agile lean product development that will help the student streamline new product development processes that will decrease time-tomarket, reduce waste, enhance product quality, and fully integrate new product designs into a lean production environment. This course uses principles rooted in the iconic Toyota Production system.


PMGT 576 Agile Lean Transformational Leadership (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: PMGT 572, PMGT 574
Description: This course provides the student with innovative practices that need to be followed in order to transform a company or organization form a traditional waterfall mindset to more of an Agile Lean mindset and culture. Agile Lean Change management (not the typical change management talked about in project management relative to scope, budget, etc.) and Lean IT are two methods that are being used successfully in the industry to move organizations from a more traditional mindset to Agile. Both of these methods rely significantly on the leaders in the organizations to facilitate the change. In conjunction with this course, the student learns the responsibilities and techniques of the Agile Coach role, which has become a key role in the industry to facilitate change. The student studies change resistance, change adoption, change planning tools, transformation frameworks, and methods for leading change from any level in an organization.


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