Nanobiotechnology Camp Registration Opens

nanobiotechAre you fascinated by the idea of microscopic machines transforming medical field? Learn about mind-blowing discoveries such a Blue-tooth enables sock-sensors to track infant heart rates. Discover how injectable sensors the size of a sand-grain allow prevention of heart attacks. Need contact lenses, get them screen-printed! Know about food packaging that is intelligent to communicate with you? Know about a straw that filters bacteria from drinking water?

Ever wondered how Gecko can walk upside down? What magic keeps water off of the Lotus leaves? Do these mind-boggling facts interest you?

If you answered “Yes!” then Nanobiotechnology Explorations Summer Camp is here for you at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology!

Nanobiotechnology is the study of natural structures such as proteins, DNA, and cells used to invent or improve novel technologies. These tiny nano-structures can be used in everything from engineering materials for artificial bones, printable contact lenses, fuels, smart textiles, medicines, environment and more. This STEM field of applied science has applications and careers in almost all fields. Whatever area of science you enjoy, you’ll get cutting-edge knowledge about discoveries that are transforming healthcare, agriculture, environment, and human life in general.

July 18-22 @Harrisburg University
Cost is $99
Two-credit camp
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All HU summer camps are for incoming high school students through high school seniors. All the camps are day camps and are scheduled to run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Students should come to camp with food, snacks and drinks for the day. Registration for these camps closes 30 days prior to the start of each camp.  Additional camps will be announced.