This 36-semester hour Master of Science degree in Next Generation Technologies concentrates on next generation of technologies that could cause major disruptions in the way we live and work. Blockchain technology are the focus of this program at present because it is recognized worldwide as a serious disruptive force in history of money as well as ledger technologies. In a short period, hundreds and thousands of blockchains have emerged to address multiple problems in financial, business, social, and even political arenas. There also is a Quantum Information Science concentration.
Program Goals
The student graduating with a Master of Science in Next Generation Technologies program will be able to:
• Recognize the necessity for conducting theoretical and empirical analysis;
• Adapt to rapidly changing technology, advanced learning, and entrepreneurship qualities; and,
• Master Blockchain as one specific type of disruptive technology.

International Graduate Student Admissions Requirements and Curricular Practical Training
To receive information on the requirements for graduate admissions for international students, please email your request to Click here for requirements for admissions and Curricular Practical Training! All of the University’s graduate programs are STEM approved and Curricular Practical Training is offered for this program.