PHAR 520 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: A Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science

Description: This course introduces students to the principal factors that can impact absorption, distribution, and elimination of drugs in the body. Specifically, mathematical approaches to characterizing pharmacokinetics (PK), the study of factors influencing drug concentrations in the body, and pharmacodynamics (PD), the study of the physiologic action of drugs in the body, will be discussed with an emphasis on small molecule and protein therapeutics. The clinical and non-clinical applications of PK and PD will be discussed. Students will participate in simulations of real-world pharmacokinetic monitoring of various drugs used clinically to treat infections, control seizures, and suppress arrythmias.


PHAR 525 Drug Transport (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: A Bachelor of Science degree in Life Science

Description: This course covers multiple aspects of drug transport, from simple diffusion to protein-mediated active transport of drugs and other xenobiotics. Specific transporters will be discussed in the context of clinical and pre-clinical effects on drug disposition. Distribution, substrates, and mechanisms of relevant drug transporters will be discussed, as well as how they can mediate potentially toxic effects of drugs.


PHAR 540 Drug Metabolism (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: PHAR 520

Description: This course focuses on multiple aspects of drug metabolism. Specific content includes instruction on phase 1 and phase 2 drug metabolism. While the majority of the course will involve examining hepatic drug metabolism and extrahepatic metabolic pathways, drug metabolism in preclinical drug development will also be covered. This course will also expose students to the role drug metabolism plays in potentially toxic drug effects and interactions.


PHAR 635 Clinical Pharmacology (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: Bachelor of Science degree in Biotechnology, Life Science, or other relevant field or by permission of instructor

Description: Clinical pharmacology deals with drug development and drug utilization in therapeutics. This course covers the advancements regarding drug action and efficacy. Concepts of pharmacokinetics, drug metabolism and transport, pharmacogenetics, assessment of drug effects, and drug therapy in special populations are explored. Expert knowledge is shared about drug development and content specialization needed to stay competitive and build opportunity for career options.


PHAR 690 Ethics and Trends in Pharmaceutical Science (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: To be taken in second year of Pharmaceutical Sciences program

Description: Ethics and Trends in Pharmaceutical Science presents current challenges, trends, and controversies concerning pharmaceutical science. Lectures will be generally composed of presenting current (within the calendar year) articles from around the world that introduce a topic of interest. Such topics may include industry news, education trends, and regulatory controversies.


PHAR 699 Applied Project in PHAR (3 semester hours)
Prerequisites: GRAD 695 and permission of instructor

Description: This course allows the student to pursue an area of interest that is within the broad scope of Pharmaceutical Science. A faculty member will supervise this study.