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Don Morton, Ph.D.
Corporate Faculty


Ph.D. in Computer Science (minor in Climatology), Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA.
Associate of Applied Science in Radio Communications Technology, Community College of the Air Force, Montgomery, AL, USA.
BS, Computer Science, College of Great Falls, MT, USA.
FAA Private Pilot and Ground Instructor Certification, Minuteman Aviation, Missoula, Montana, USA.


Dr. Don Morton has a variety of blue collar, olive drab collar (military), and white collar/academic experience. With a love of wilderness and outdoors he has typically gravitated towards the northern regions of the US and now work remotely out of Fairbanks, Alaska.
In the mid-1980'she became fascinated with the idea of combining science and computing as a means to do better science, and has been on that track ever since. Additional info available at http://www.borealscicomp.com/Miscellaneous/MortonBio/.

Teaching and Research Interests:

Don Morton's initial research/teaching/development issues were in the use of computational methods to facilitate a better understanding of our cosmos through science. Over the past fifteen years, he has concentrated mostly in computational methods as applied to atmospheric sciences, with specific projects in numerical weather prediction and modeling the transport of “stuff” like radionuclides, volcanic ash, and wildfire smoke through the atmosphere. Additional info available at http://www.borealscicomp.com/Miscellaneous/MortonBio/.

Courses Taught at HU:

Scientific Computing courses in CISC