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Anthony Ortega
Production Coordinator

Phone Number:

717-901-5100 x5148


Masters in Entertainment Technology (MET), Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, Adelaide, Australia & Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
BFA in Illustration, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.


Anthony Ortega is a Production Coordinator for the Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies as well as Corporate Faculty for the Interactive Media undergraduate program. During the summers he runs the Summer Game Academy, and his free time is devoted to family and designing games.

Anthony Ortega grew up loving fantasy/sci-fi based art and stories and, originally, intended to be an artist for a video game company. This led him to art school which turned out to be a very humbling experience in terms of his skills. It was enough of an experience, however, to allow him to join the prestigious Entertainment Technology Center, one of the top graduate schools for students interested in getting into the game development industry. It is there that he discovered his appreciation for creating interactive experiences and helping small teams reach their development goals, first in Australia and then in Pittsburgh. Sometime after earning his Masters in Entertainment Technology, he was brought on board Harrisburg University's newly minted Center for Advanced Entertainment and Learning Technologies (CAELT) with Charles Palmer, who previously worked for Carnegie Mellon University while Anthony was a student there. Now, Anthony covers a wide range of roles within CAELT and the IMED program, guiding students through project work to help them build up their portfolios in order to gain a competitive edge in one of the biggest industries in the world.

Teaching and Research Interests:

What Anthony Ortega enjoys most about teaching is trying to break concepts into digestible chunks for students to understand as well as introducing students to platforms of the game development field that they may not have much experience with. It’s quite a challenge and he always learns more about what his teachings when developing course materials and engaging with students. Students constantly inspire him with their unique approaches to solving problems and insights that are overlooked, so teaching keeps his interest in the game development industry fresh while continuously evolving.

Anthony Ortega has an appreciation for all forms of interactive technology and how each platform is best suited for creating compelling narratives and player experiences. The biggest struggle for students is understanding how to approach developing games, so his main goal in teaching is helping students break down large tasks into smaller, more manageable parts, with a focus on iterative prototyping and playtesting. He has a deep interest in the rich world of tabletop games, as they eliminate the barriers of digital technology and allow designers to focus purely on the player experience. It is here where Anthony Ortega states his own curiosities by designing unique tabletop experiences.

Courses Taught at HU:

Game Design