• COMMUNITY EVENTS [Free for the public {and the HU community to attend]
        • Philadelphia Quantum Computing Meetup Group – Monthly events at the Philadelphia Campus [DETAILS]
        • Harrisburg Quantum Computing Meetup Group – Periodic events at the Harrisburg Campus [DETAILS]
        • High School
          • Summer Camps
            • “How Quantum Computing Will Change the World” Philadelphia Campus, July 27-31, 2020 [DETAILS]
            • “How Quantum Computing Will Change the World” Harrisburg Campus, August 3-7, 2020 [DETAILS]
          • Weekend Programs

Seven-week Saturday programs for motivated and math-excelled students are being planned for the Philadelphia Campus in Fall 2020.

          • Classroom Lectures

Faculty are passionate about visiting classrooms to give grade-approriate talks on quantum computing

        • Undergraduate

MEBA 310: An introductory course on quantum computing is being scheduled for the Fall 2020 semester. This course is designed to take the student from zero to hero [figuratively] regardless of their background. Only prerequiste is an interest in learning!

        • Postgraduate
          • Masters

Quantum Information Science concentration within the MS Information Systems Engineering & Management [DETAILS]

            • Courses [also available to undergraduates, with the professor’s permission]
              • QISC 530 Foundations of Quantum Information Science *** BEING OFFERED Summer 2020!
              • QISC 550 Programming Quantum Computers
              • QISC 555 Implementation Technologies in Quantum Devices
              • QISC 565 The Business of Quantum Technologies, Research and Policies
              • QISC 570 Algorithms and Applications of Quantum Computing
              • QISC 575 Emerging Topics in Quantum Information Science
          • PhD

An advanced course in quantum computing is being discussed by the ISEM PhD program. Watch for announcements.


For more information contact: QUANTUM@HarrisburgU.edu