Registration Opens for Global Game Jam

For the 5th year in a row, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology will be one of hundreds of international host sites for the Global Game Jam, the largest game creation event in the world. This event, which starts on Friday, January 20th (local time) and end on Sunday, January 22nd (local time), challenges thousands of game developers, whether they are students, professionals, hobbyists, or first timers, to make a playable and engaging game within a 48 hour period of time. Participants can make video games, board games, card games, mobile games, VR games, location based games, or any other type of game they can think of as long as they are able to upload the game, or enough components to print and play the game, to a central server.

Each year, there is a video keynote speaker, with this year being the internationally known creators of the game design web series Extra Credits. Each year there is also a central theme that every game must utilize in some way, and that is always revealed after the keynote video. The Global Game Jam is a opportunity for anyone interested in game development to be motivated and challenged with uninterrupted game development time. More importantly, it’s a chance for game developers to connect with the global community and share in the difficult by rewarding challenges of creating a game.

For more information, check out There is still time to register any site closest to you, and each one will have its own unique registration process. If you join us at Harrisburg University, it’s free to attend, but you will need to bring your own equipment. You can register for the Harrisburg University location here (