Registration Opens For HU’s LEGO Robotics Summer Camp

It’s fun to build solar powered, LEGO robotic machines. It’s also challenging.

In this camp, you will design, engineer, build and program a LEGO robot. You will work as part of a team. And the LEGO robotics kit will provide us with the blueprints, sensors and parts that we need.

lego roboticsYou will design, engineer and wire the solar power plant. You will learn what is involved with solar powered systems.

What if you are missing a critical part? You will learn how to create a model of the missing part. The goal is to learn how to design, model and print, using a 3d printer, a “one of a kind” item for use in your robot.

Did I say challenging? The goal of the camp is to make three technologies work together as one.

  • Design, engineer and build a LEGO robot.
  • Design, engineer and wire its solar power.
  • Design, model and 3d print its solar frame.

If you want to work on the future, then this camp is for you. You will have to think, solve problems, work together and build.

We will learn a lot and have fun doing it.

August 1st-August 5th @ Harrisburg University
Cost is $99
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