Management, Business Strategies and Business Models

  • Next Generation Enterprises and Globalization
  • Enterprise Agility Business and Government Agility
  • Digital Governments and Digital Health
  • Policies needed for technologies
  • Government models needed for advancing the developing countries faster
  • Entrepreneurship and How to Finance Your Business
  • Business Strategies in a Competitive Environment
  • Policy issues in modern settings
  • Leadership in the digital age
  • Agile Project Management
  • Large Scale Project Management (Projects of Projects – PoP)
  • Managing integration projects
  • Project Management Office (PMO)

Emerging Technologies and Their Applications

  • Mobile Computing Apps
  • Cloud Computing Technologies, Models and Configurations
  • Wireless Communications and Next Generation Technologies
  • Emerging Web Technologies and web Services
  • ICT for Developing Countries
  • Business Games and Simulations
  • GIS for Governments
  • Government-Business networks between public and private sectors
  • Collaborative systems (e.g., Sharepoint)
  • Telemedicine, Healthcare Information Exchange and Mobile Health Clinics
  • Next Generation of ERP Systems

Strategic Planning, Architectures and Integration

  • Strategic IS Planning in the Digital Age
  • Strategic Planning for Mobile Computing
  • Enterprise Architectures and Integration in the Digital Age
  • B2B trade and interagency information exchange Models (e.g., NIEM)
  • Migration of legacy systems to SOA

Systems Engineering, Design Approaches and Decision Support

  • User Centered Design
  • Intelligent Decision Support for Managers
  • IT Quality Management and IT Audits
  • Information Security Approaches and Technologies
  • Computer aided consulting for developing countries
  • Computer aided planning, engineering and management for eBusiness

Note: Many topics can be combined (e.g., security of mobile apps)