Stephen Beatty

Head Cities Global Center of Excellence


Alan Mitchell

Executive Director Cities Global Center of Excellence

Salomon S. Salinas (Sol)

Managing Director, Accenture Digital – Mobility
Global Lead, Accenture Smart Cities

Youseph Yazdi, PhD, MBA

Johns Hopkins Executive Director

Dr. Amjad Umar

Chief Architect and Director of the United Nations Small Islands and Developing States (SIDS) Partnership, Professor and Director of the Information Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM) program

Jennifer Robinson

SAS, Director Local Government Solutions

Majid Khan

Verizon, Managing Director of Smart Communities and Venues

Mike Doenges

Consulting System Engineer for IoT (Internet of Things) at Cisco

Vincent E. Mudd

Past Chairman, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation (EDC)
Managing Partner, Carrier Johnson + CULTURE

Brian Smith

Gannett Fleming, Vice President Commercial Solutions

Deb Oberly

Microsoft, IoT Solution Specialist,
Global Black Belt Team