Student Blog: Matthew “Mazz” Dangle

My name is Matthew Dangle, and at Harrisburg University everyone calls me Mazz. I was born and raised in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. It took not more than two minutes to travel to the country side from where I lived to either play some airsoft or to chill with some family friends. I graduated from 21st Century Cyber Charter School in 2013 and then moved to Harrisburg to live with my brother while attending Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. It’s been a long and fun journey for me over years, I faced many challenges such as overcoming my Tourette’s and received many awards such as EAGLE.  If it wasn’t for my family helping me along the way I wouldn’t be here at Harrisburg University, majoring in Interactive Media and Design. My close family and friends describe me as a leader with a huge heart because my follow my heart and I’m not afraid to show it. I live for creativity, loyalty, love and family, and I plan to take that with me where I go.

June 2015:. Today is the third day of Harrisburg University Summer Game Academy. I’m a programming mentor and it’s my job to help the instructor teach the students how to develop games. So far I love this job, the students are excited to learn and I’m thrilled to teach them. I’m working aside my fellow colleagues at Harrisburg University and our game designer in residence. I couldn’t ask for more! I love acquiring information and passing it on to another generation of designers and developers in hope they will turn their dreams into a reality. I hope when I graduate from Harrisburg University I will find myself still actively engaged with young developers and designers helping them achieve their dreams just as my predecessors are doing for me and my fellow colleges.