Student Blog: Miranda Achu Chia

My name is Miranda Achu Chia. I am a graduate student in the Master of Science in Analytics program at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology. I am originally from Cameroon, Central West Africa were I went to school up until high school and a year of college before moving to the states to further my studies. I had an associate degree in Health Science from Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Michigan and bachelor degree in Health Service Administration at Baker College in Flint MI. I lived and worked in Michigan for 11 years before moving to Buffalo New York in May of 2014. I currently work at Fallon Health Weinberg as a Community Outreach personnel. I love my job but I have had that need for something more. With my few years in health care I decided to get a background in IT and/or data science seeing the way technology is moving (data is the new oil) . I did some research about data science programs in my area and came across Harrisburg University. I made the call and I liked what I heard and read, so I decided to enroll and I am currently in my second semester with 2 more semesters to go.

June 2015: So, it has been about 5 weeks classes began. I must say it is getting tougher and tougher but again I once heard that anything you gain without struggling is not appreciated. If the process did not stress you out even a little then, you probably didn’t learn much from it.

Data Mining(CISC 520) is taking a turn, Dr. Shaalan is taking it to another level, texting our abilities. I am learning at a very fast pace but the good thing is I have all the help and resources I could, probably more than what I can use in a semester. My sentiments Analysis (ANALY 520) class is mostly focused on natural language processing and we are learning python, which is a very interesting programming language.

My business analysis is what I really enjoy the most, since I already had some background in it last semester, it just adding onto what I already understand. One thing I love about it is, how practical it is and how applicable is has been at my job. The skills I have learnt so far, are the same skills I have been applying at my job. I am the new Excel star at my job because of all the skills I have learnt in class.

The most interesting news of all is that I started interviewing for Data Analysis positions. I feel confident enough now to really get started in the field and apply all the things I am learning in class. So, by the time I graduate (hopefully May 5th 2016) I will already have about a year of experience.

Again to add to my previous post, the support system at Harrisburg University is amazing. The professors are always available. I think I have more access to my professors than I would have in a traditional setting. My program adviser Dr. Shaalan is always available to answer question and he challenges us to be the best we can, to learn every aspect of the course and not just have good grades but actually understand what we are learning. We have a very interactive class session and discussion forum. I love Harrisburg University!!!

May 2015 I am doing my program long distance and I completely love it, my professors are amazing. I took 4 classes 12 credits last semester and currently taking 3 classes ANLY 510, ANLY 520 and CISC 520. It is hectic but with the help of my amazing professors, Dr. Shaalan and Phil Grim, best professors ever. Their support and encouragement has been tremendous and I couldn’t ask for better. I also like the idea that I could go to campus one Saturday of the month of need be and speak to a professor face to face, that fact that they are always present through email/calls, and the adobe sessions makes all the difference. My dream is to one day “soon” work with the Federal Government or CDC, FDA,UN, WHO etc. as an analyst or become a CIO of one of a major hospital system were I could make a real difference in so many lives and Harrisburg University is keeping me on track for that dream.