Student Blogs: Jacqueline DiSanto

May 27thHello. Well it’s been about three weeks since graduation, and it seems not real. Working a lot and job searching has become my life right now, but I do have some times where I am able to have fun. Real life has become a reality, but that is what college prepares you for though. I am just glad I went to Harrisburg University of Science and Tech for 4 years of my life and met several friends who have impacted my life as well. Thank you again for everyone who has impacted my life these past 4 years, and to others who still impact it. I hope everyone who knows me, is grateful and have a wonderful summer to everyone!

April 16th: Hello ALL, it has been awhile since my last blog; however, college is coming to end finally. Senior year has been interesting and it also has been very heartbreaking. After a few more days of school, graduation will be here and the Class of 2015 will be walking across the stage. Through the last 4 years, the adventures have been fun filled and have been very memorable as well. So hopefully, a new blog post will be updated after graduation and hopefully some good news about a nice full time job will be posted. Well, see everyone later, have to get ready for class and finals week!

February 2: Hello all. It’s the New Year, new beginning, but with that being said, I only have 2 more months left of my education here at HU. These past 3 1/2 years have been so fun and worthwhile, that I would never change anything. So, I just want to let everyone know that the school year may go fast; however, make the best of each day because each day is always different. Each year is a different day, but hey it’s a new year and a new semester. Well have a good rest of the semester, I will hopefully post every month regarding anything new and exciting for a future graduate of HU!

November 12: Hello Everyone! Haven’t written in a while, since work and school have been keeping me busy this school year. So pre-registration is happening now, and that means that the semester is coming to an end. This school year has been flying by, but that also does not mean I am making memories, since next semester, I will be graduating. Where did the time go? With everything that is going on, make time for some fun or some down time from school work. So, with that in mind, have a wonderful rest of the week, I have to get back to school work. Have a fantastic week everyone!

October 3: Well my fellow student’s it’s that time of the year again, where everyone is dressing up funny or crazy just for one day: Halloween! This month is not only Halloween, but it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well. So to be thoughtful, and participate in the Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on October 18th, 2014 for a good cause. On a another note, the school year is going fast, and with that in mind, make some time to have some fun or do something to get your mind off of school. Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

September 5th, 2014: Hello Everyone!! I hope everyone is adjusting nicely to school back in session! Well, I really hope this summer has been fun and interesting as well, but school calls and education is very important. So, with that in mind, I hope everyone is ready for this school year to start and make it a wonderful experience. Being a senior makes me feel very wise, but I am so ready for graduation already. On, to more wonderful news, this weekend is filled with fun events to get to know your other classmates and your Connection Leaders! Say hi to people and make this your best year yet!

May 8th: Congrats to the Class of 2014! Next year it will be my turn graduating! It’s summer vacation, now, and that means everyone will be either working or enjoying their vacation with their families. So, with the summer approaching that means that there are Open Houses at the University, and that also means new faces! If you are a new face or a prospective student who wants to attend the University, then join the HU Family. Speaking of family, through the years, I have known so many people but through the last semester I got to know two special people in my life who helped me through school and they are Haley Steffen and Bobby Klein. This picture was taken just this year, going from the left is Bobby Klein, then myself (Jacqui Disanto), and on the right is Haley Steffen. Have a good summer everyone, and hope to see everyone in the Fall.

April 4th: Hello All! So it’s April, and that means the semester is almost over; however, this weekend is very busy, since it is Parents, Family, and Alumni Weekend. This weekend is full of interesting events that students can share what they have done throughout the years or this past year to their parents or Alumni students. Also this weekend the University is hosting the 2nd Annual Mr. HU and the Forensic Club Murder Mystery Dinner. So come on out to see what the students do in their “free time” and maybe, just maybe you may see another side of a student. Well the home stretch is near, so don’t give up, push yourself until the end of the semester, and you will do great! Have a great weekend!

March 10th: Good Morning All! It’s Spring Break here for everyone, and I hope people are enjoying their time away from school or relaxing. I know I am! Well with Spring Break here, that means it’s almost the end of the school year. So I hope everyone is doing well in their classes and are having fun. Just a heads up, the HU Wolfpack is doing a Banquet/Spring Formal on March 22nd 2014, so come on out and support the club. Well this is short, since well I am on break and everyone should be too. Hope to see everyone next week. Have a good time!

February 10th: Hello everyone! So this week is all about caring for those that you care for, adore, and all those other words for love. Valentine’s Day is Friday so make the week/ day special for a person. Throughout this week, think of those special people, and recognize them during the week. Forensics’ Club is doing an event this week, they are selling candies and ACC is doing a Bake on Wednesday/Thursday. Don’t forget that Housing is doing Speed Dating on Thursday night, and then there will be a Dance on Friday night as well. So take leap, and maybe a smile will be there, to make a day better. Well, have a wonderful week, and make it something a person will not forget.

January 24: I really hope your classes are going well, mine are. So I hope everyone enjoyed that nice long weekend we just had, since the weather likes to act strangely, but hey a nice weekend is good here and there. With the new year, comes new change, and with that in mind, I want to give a few pointers on being healthy this school year. First eat healthy food, then start exercising. Then try to count the calories every day to let you know how many you are actually in taking. With that in mind, try doing that with a group of friends, since being with friends is always a good motivator. Try something new and healthy and when you start losing the pounds or a few inches here and there, then be happy. Being happy is a goal in life, so if you want to make a change, go for it, no one is stopping you, only you are. Have a nice weekend!

January 3rd: Welcome to the New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day was spectacular! So with the New Year, begins a new school semester. Yes, that means new classes, meet new friends and a new beginning but don’t ignore your old friends though. So take the New Year with open arms, and just take each day at a time. So I hope everyone is ready for the school year to start up again, if not, that is okay just be ready to learn some important information for your education. See everyone in a few days and be ready to have some fun this semester as well

December 6th: It’s December, and you know what that means??? FINALS!!! Yes, I know that Finals are hard, and they can be pain to deal with in the end. Find a group of students that are studying the same thing, and sit down with them to study together. When you think you are done, watch a movie, play a board game or just relax. Then after you relax, go back to your work, it helps. Also another thing to help with finals, is take one class at a time, and don’t overwhelm yourself, since that can cause an issue in the long run. So just do your best during the next week and a half, and know that the holiday break is right around the corner. Good Luck, and see everyone in the New Year.

November 13th: Hey Everyone! With everything going on with school, projects and clubs, making time for just free time is a challenge, but it can be done. That said, try to do something for just you, like shop watch movies for a whole day, or do something relaxing, because that is when you realize that you can balance everything. So if you are overwhelmed with papers, presentations, exams, projects, work or just homework, just take a “chill pill” and relax. Yes I know, I said “RELAX!”, since that is a term not a lot of college students understand, especially myself. So with that in mind, just try to find something that can take your mind off of school for a while then get back to it. After Thanksgiving Break, it is only three more weeks, then the semester is over, so just hang in there and get through the next month and a half! EVERYONE CAN DO IT! “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” By Vince Lombardi.

October 25th: It’s almost November, which means three things: Halloween, Mid-Terms, and Thanksgiving Break! So we are halfway done the first semester (or if you’re an upperclassman, then your second, third or fourth Fall Semester). Well I know I just had a Mid-Term actually yesterday, so those are coming up. With that in mind, don’t be alarmed if your professor tells you, that you have a Mid-Term in a few days. Mid-Terms are just tests that is all. Okay, so I know a lot of you that might be ready this, or just don’t want to read period, but I have one point that is very Important to everyone! Don’t Be Afraid to try something new! Explore new ideas or do something you haven’t done. Be unique. That is the professors want us to do, is explore new ideas, push ourselves to the limit, so we can succeed and get that Degree people have been working towards. Alright you have heard be blab enough, so I hope you have a fun filled weekend. OH, yea the Dance is tonight! Have fun at the Rave!

October 11th: If you are reading this then you have just opened up my blog regarding HU. HU is a wonderful place for nerds, geeks, and smart intellectual people (HAHA, it’s for everyone!). So back to the student life. Being involved in the University is going to be very worthwhile and very beneficial in the long run. Alright so you have survived the Involvement Fair again (or if you are a freshman, your first time). College life is a struggle but working towards a degree is going to be worth it in the end. If you see me at all throughout the week, don’t be scared to say hi or hello. Most upperclassman are pretty cool, make some new friends and make your college experience fun and enjoyable. Well I have to go, it is a Friday for me, and that means work. Hope everyone has a very enjoyable weekend! OH, don’t forget HU Event’s Council is having a Halloween Dance this month, be on the lookout for flyers!

September 20: Okay, so school has been in session for three weeks now, and I am meeting so many people. Also my classes that I am taking this semester are very interesting and difficult, but I can get through them. With that in mind, many students will need help through the years and Tutors are there to help each student out. Oh, and Clubs are starting up soon. If you want to know more about a specific club, then attend the Involvement Fair on October 1st, 2013, that is where a lot of clubs will be at, and maybe, just maybe you will find a club that will interest you enough to join. Hope to see more new people soon, and if you see someone, just say HI, it will make their day better. Have a nice weekend Everyone!

September 5th, 2013: So school started on Thursday. Wow that was a change, and a lot of new students are here at the University as well. I hope everyone had a wonderful first day, and are enjoying their classes. This year for me is going to be interesting, since I am the President of Student Government Association, and I am taking some interesting classes. I mean this year will be a year I will not forget, and I will remember in the future though. This is short and sweet, since I do have some night classes that I have to get ready for. But if you see me in the hallways at all or are passing by, just say “Hi”. “Be yourself, and step out, don’t step inside the box.”

August 2, 2013: Well hello everyone! I know I have not written anything in a long time, but I have currently added another job to my life. I now have two jobs: one during the week, and one on the weekends. Yes, my life is crazy, but I really don’t mind it at all. SO it is August, and that means, SCHOOL! School? Yes, school starts in less than five weeks, and that also means that I will begin my third year there, crazy how time flies. Alright, I am going to see if I can recall of my whole summer in a few sentences. First of all I went to the beach with a few high school friends, who I have not seen a like a long time. The beach was very fun, and I had a blast there. Then last month, I went to Hershey Park with two awesome friends from college, and that was amazing. We went during that heat wave we had, bad idea, but it was a great day though. But with everything else going on, I still have time to do a little free writing, get in a mild accident, and have some time to start planning for the upcoming year. With the year coming up so quickly, I have been in charge of the organization SGA, which is a huge club that promotes events and helps students in a way. In addition, to running this organization, I am trying to figure everything else out. With that in mind, I hope everyone has an enjoyable rest of their summer, and hope to see everyone in a few weeks.

June 10: Hey everyone! I hope people are enjoying their summer as much as I am. So throughout the summer I have been working at Sun Valley Campground and cleaning on the side. With working at the campground, I have met so many people it is incredible. But the plus side of things is that I get to go swimming whenever I want, since the Campground has a really nice pool there and other things like really cool activities, bands or concerts, and really awesome people. With working throughout the summer, I have been able to reflect on when I did wrong, and try to improve what I can do better. This summer I hope to make a lot of changes, but also have a fun time as well. I just started reading a new series: Mercy Thompson (Moon Called). This series is very interesting, and very compelling. My friend Tasha, introduced it to me, and now I am rereading the series! Love reading books. One thing that I cannot fathom is that it is already June, and September is coming up fast. Also one thing that I cannot believe is that I will be in my third year of college…. hmmm Where does the time go??? In two weeks, I am going to go on a beach trip with some friends from my high school, so this should be fun! Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Cannot wait to see everyone again in Fall of 2013. Be believers in what you do, and no matter what others say, you can do almost anything you want to do.

May 24, 2013: Well it has been a month since school has let out, and many things have changed in my life already. Been able to go to the gym and try to get fit, and live a healthier life. Planning for my senior year and what my life will be and how it will affect my future. I had an eye opening moment on Sunday, May 19, 2013. That day I was very lucky, because I got in a car accident, but everyone was okay. I just have a bruised shoulder and bruised neck. Well, I really hope some Freshman are excited for the upcoming year, SGA and other clubs are trying to make the Welcome Day really fun, and try to make this upcoming year, a year to remember! Have fun this summer and enjoy being a college student!!! Smile and have a wonderful summer!

May 10, 2013: Hello. So with being home for only two weeks it was really interesting. I got my job back from last year and it is a blast. I love working at my job, which consists of working outside and working with kids. It is the highlight of my weekend. Last night, May 9th, 2013, was the commencement for the Class of 2013. CONGRATS. So I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful summer. SGA is hoping to change things for next year, and make some of the events even more fun and enjoyable. The weather is really nice back home, so I am really enjoying myself, but I miss some of my friends. Trying to plan a vacation with some friends, hopefully it will be fun. Within the two weeks that I have been home nothing really exciting, but just glad to be home though and enjoy the country life.


April 27: Well, it is the end of the SEMESTER!!! CONGRATS to everyone! I hope everyone did well on their finals this week. Well let’s just say that my finals didn’t start until Wednesday but that is ok. This whole has been very interesting, and wonderful. I met some wonderful people, and I don’t think I could ask for better people that I met. Pizza Parties in Calc, random outings, late nights, bingo nights, and so many more events had made my sophomore year interesting and fulfilling. I am just really appreciated to meet so many wonderful this year, and I cannot wait to meet more new people, but I will not forget the people who I have already met. This picture was taken on Thursday April 25th, 2013 before everyone left and it has some of the friends that I meet this year. I am really glad that I meet this people. Going from Left to right: Jacqui Disanto, Michelle Galvez, Ricci-Lee Vanoster, Cindi Cunnius, and finally Gabe Hicks. Have a Wonderful Summer, and hope to see most of everyone next Semester (Fall 2013).



April 20: Only one week left! This week is going to be short, since I have some papers to finish, and finals to study for. With only one week left, papers and presentations are going to be piling up. So through this week, it was very interesting. Slowly packing things up in my car, so I won’t have that much stuff to move out when it is actually move out day. Well, hopefully everyone studies hard and good luck to the finals coming up or already completed. Have a wonderful week! OH, tune into Harrisburg University Music, they have some awesome music!

April 12: Good Morning Everyone or Good Afternoon! Well two more weeks of school then summer vacation starts. Through the week, it was fun and interesting. In the beginning of the week, I was getting ready for my presentation on Wednesday. Wednesday was the day that I presented my Junior Project. I was actually nervous and scared at the same point, because I do not like presenting in front of people. So the presentation went well, and then the other days were just not so good. With everything going on, I sometimes feel like I am someone else, and not being a good friend to many people.

April 5: So this week has been rough…. Started to get sick Tuesday, and Wednesday, and finally got really sick to the point that I missed classes the rest of the week…. But hopefully I will be able to be myself again by the end of the weekend!!! Having medicine and having the time to sleep is what helps. I hope everyone has medicine, and gets tons of sleep, because even though there is only 3 weeks left of school, not taking care of your self will get you sick. So make sure you get tons of sleep, and have some medicine with you. Alright, so with the three weeks left, that means projects, papers, and tests. So keep studying, and get started on those papers. Speaking of papers, I have to finish a few. I will see everyone next week! Stay Healthy!

March 29:Hey Everyone!!! So I know it is almost the end of the semester, and I know some people are already counting down, but keep working on school work. Alright so here is the thing, yes I know the semester is almost over and yes there is going to be an overload of work, but try and be calm about. I try to, but sometimes the work is just too much and chilling out is the best way. Have some fun, and enjoy life, because life may or may not end quicker than you think. My school year is going great just have tons of papers to write and a project to fix a little bit.

Ok, on a side note: Think about this, What if the world was not like we are today, but what if it was run by robots and machines instead???? Hmmmmm, makes you wonder what the world is going to come to in the future. Well hope that makes your thought process work. Just reminder this: to write things down or talk to people, if you feel overwhelmed in the daily life of a college student. Have a wonderful weekend, and see everyone next week!

March 22: Good Morning Everyone! or Good Afternoon! So it is almost April already, and that means finals, major projects and an overload of work coming everyone’s way. Yes, I did say overload of work, but you know what I think everyone can do it and succeed. Keep your mind focus and you will be able to accomplish anything you want. This week was very fun. Throughout the week, I worked on my Junior Project and worked on some other class work as well. But the best part of my week was on Thursday. I had no homework and I was in a good mood. So since I stay in one of the apartments, I got to chill with friends and play with a stress ball. Well the game was fun, but the after effect was crazy, since someone people did get hit and attacked by the ball. It was fun though. So try something new, and have fun. Try and be stress free for just one day, and let all your craziness out, then go back to the work that you have. Have a wonderful week, and SMILE!

March 15: Hello Everyone! Hope you had an awesome Spring Break! Well through the week, it was relaxing and enjoyable to spend some time with my family. I got to relax, which means sleep in as much as possible, since school will be picking up on Monday. I got to spend some time with my grandparents and celebrate my grandfather’s birthday as well! In the beginning of the week, I got a new phone, which is sweet, and awesome. But while on Spring Break, I still worked on school work (mostly my project). Breaks are the time to have fun with family and friends, who you do not get to, see in a while. Thursday of this week was Pi Day, so I hope some people ate some pie! Well I hope everyone had an awesome time chilling, maybe I will see some people at Accepted Student Day on March 16th, 2013! This is semester is going too fast, soon it will be the end of the semester and everyone will be going home for the summer! Create a pen pal, text or email someone you know and try to keep in touch throughout the summer!

March 8th:Throughout the week, it has been interesting. It was the week of midterms and midterm warnings… Hmmm that was interesting. Well have to get it together; it is almost the end of the semester. Although the week was kind of harsh, it ends on a good note. Spring Break starts really soon and so looking forward it. On Thursday, I got to see some of my closet friends who include Cindi, Ricky, Alex T., Donna, and Doug. This whole week has been amazing, though! HU Events Council is getting ready for the end of the year already. So much to do, and so little time! (lol). Well, I know this is short weeks blog is short, but I am so looking forward to my spring break, I hope everyone is! See everyone is a week and a half!

March 1st, 2013: OH wow, it is March already!!!Where has the semester gone? This week has been interesting. Zumba on Wednesday is always a fun thing to do when you just want something fun and relaxing thing to do during the middle of the week. Halfway through the week, I lost my paper completely and I thought I had to rewrite all of it. Having some awesome friends that are really good at computers were able to fix it, so I didn’t have to write the paper completely over again. Friends are the most important thing a person can have if they are down or need something like fixing a computer is always a good thing. Spring Break is one week away. Midterms are out, so good luck to everything that has midterms. Want something to do? Get a group of friends, and host a movie night of your own or plan something fun to be a stress reliever. Have a wonderful Week!

February 22nd: Halfway through the Semester!!!!!! YES! This week was very different and a little depressing as well. Got my test back from Civic Mind, and didn’t do so well, but I am hoping to turn around that grade soon. But I have heard it is a really difficult class, but I think I can succeed in that class. During the week, I wasn’t having a few good days, but then I got a nice Hot Chocolate Cupcake from the HU Asian Club. Oh it was delicious! So I guess, my week was depressing half way, but it did get better. The International Food Festival was a hit, today! The Food was scrumptious! Seeing smiles and chilling with friends is always a good thing for college students. Cheering others up, and being there for others is what friends are for, no matter what the problem is. Be a good friend this weekend, and help someone out or cheer them up. Don’t be upset or mad at someone, smile and be happy. Have a wonderful rest of the semester, and don’t be a stranger to people. Say “Hi” to someone, and maybe they will say “hi” back.

February 15th:This week has been interesting. The Valentines Bake Sale was a success! Throughout this week, I managed to lose my ‘grip’ per say, and it was due to the communication that was somewhat established. But after that, the week got better, and every day is just an accomplishment to my future. Classes are going well, had my first exam in Civic Mind (hmmmm), hoping I get a good grade on that. Some of my classes are fun, and some of them are difficult, but hopefully I can overcome that obstacle. With having difficult classes, makes the person confident that they have to work a lot harder to make the grade they need. This weekend, fun weekend, is going to be a blast because I cannot wait to hang out with my twin and have some fun! Having fun is a good way to relax and chill out. Other than that, my school semester is going well. Enjoy your Weekend!

February 8: Having a year and a half already under my belt, is an accomplishment so far. Through the years, I have been surrounded by friends and family to help motive me to accomplish my dreams. Harrisburg University has so many opportunities that it is just so amazing. Second year here, and I couldn’t be happier! This semester my classes are few, but the classes that I have are fun and enjoyable. One of my classes is about Renewable Energy and that is just right up my alley, per say. With having a class in Renewable Energy, you could probably get an idea that I am a student who is concerned about the environment. The environment around us is so important that one day it will be gone and we will not have it any more. Being the person you want to be shows how you can improve your life and others around you. Be unique, and stand out.