Student Profile: Jada White

When Jada White first heard about Harrisburg University, it seemed like a good fit for her interest in pharmaceutical design. And when she saw HU’s academic center, abundant with windows overlooking the heart of downtown Harrisburg, she fell in love.

“I have a thing for windows,” Jada says now. “It seemed really happy here.”

Jada is pursuing the opportunities inherent in HU’s pharmaceutical design concentration within its Bachelor of Science degree in biotechnology. In her hometown of Philadelphia, she attended the Philadelphia High School for Girls. There, she took International Baccalaureate, or IB, college courses and pursued a wide variety of interests.

“I loved the Asian Club, the Garden Club, the Eco Club,” she says, adding, “Oh, yeah, the No Place for Hate club.”

When it came time to choose a college, Jada selected HU because it offered her the largest scholarship, and because “they seemed really nice.”

Aiming for the Class of 2018, Jada decided to pursue pharmaceutical design because her mother is a pharmaceutical technician who “thought it’d be cool if my twin sister and I opened a pharmaceutical store.” With her coursework in such classes as drug design, Jada hopes to position herself for acceptance into a good master’s degree program. The pharmaceutical design concentration opens a world of opportunities, helping students understand the relationships between physiology and biochemistry, and preparing them for careers in biomedicine research, medicine, and pharmacy.

Her classes have been “awesome,” Jada says. She enjoyed her Creative Minds course during her freshman year, because of its base in psychology, a favorite subject of hers. Her professors are “really nice, and they’re all really understanding.”

“College was supposed to be hard, but they make the environment very adaptable and easy-flowing, as they willingly make sure each student understands the courses and reaches their full potential,” she says.

Jada shocked her family by going out of town for college. She’s getting a taste of independent life, sharing a fully equipped apartment with three roommates in HU’s Market View Place.

“I’ve never been away from home,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to experience living in a dorm.”

Jada says she’s looking forward to internships and project work, a hallmark of the HU experience meant to ground students in real-world expectations. In the meantime, she was pleased to get a job � working right in the HU Academic Center — with CAI, the global IT services firm partnering with HU’s Government Tech Institute.

Jada has a 13-year-old cousin who joined her on Accepted Student Day and loved the atmosphere so much that she wants to enroll at HU someday. Jada also teaches her 4-year-old sister math and hopes she’s setting an example for her younger relatives.

“I’m trying to be the inspiration for them, so when they get to be my age and they choose colleges, they can say, ‘Hey, I want to go here,'” she says.

Jada is the first person in her family to go to college. Her family always encourages her to achieve so that she will have a better chance at life then they did. Jada wishes and hopes the same for her young cousin and sister, and future children, if she should chose to have any.

“I feel like if I make it,” she says, “they make it.”