Student Profile: Lewis Ellis

Lewis Ellis had never considered leaving his hometown of Philadelphia for college – until he heard about Harrisburg University of Science and Technology.

Now, 20 and a junior in the Interactive Media program, Ellis can’t think of anywhere else he’d rather be.

When he was applying to colleges, Ellis knew he wanted a school that offered a lot of diversity, and he found it at Harrisburg University. After receiving an email from Harrisburg University, he was tempted by the free application process and decided to find out more.

“During my first visit, I was really impressed by the technological advances,” he said. “I knew I could flourish in those areas.”

After starting out in the New Media Design program, Ellis switched to the B.S. in Interactive Media where he could focus on motion capture, as well as film and animation related to the gaming industry.

One of his favorite things about Harrisburg University is its size and the personal attention he receives from professors thanks to smaller classrooms. He also finds he can easily connect with professors and faculty outside of his field of study.

“Everyone here is always welcoming and open hearted to ideas and what you have to say,” Ellis said. “It’s really different from any school I’ve ever visited.”

Ellis has come to know many of his professors at a personal level, including Charles Palmer, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Entertainment & Learning Technologies, as well as an Associate Professor of Multimedia.

Palmer often takes the time to make sure his students understand the material, Ellis said. Because he teaches so many courses in the program, Palmer also gets to know the students’ interests, and can be flexible in helping students advance and grow, Ellis said.

“No professor wants you to fail,” Ellis said. “They want you to work hard for what you want to get, but they also want to help you through that process.”

Ellis has enjoyed many of the filming projects he’s been able to complete at Harrisburg University. He also looks forward to the annual Global Game Jam, where he’ll be able to work with other students and people from outside of the university to learn what it takes to make a game from scratch.

Outside of the classroom, Ellis has worked hard as the president of the Athletic Club, where he helps bring club sports to other students. He hopes that his efforts to build the program will give incoming freshman constructive activities to do outside of the classroom.

“It’s kind of a nice idea to be part of a legacy,” he said. “I can say, ‘I helped create this and build it into something that didn’t exist before.'”

Throughout his education at Harrisburg University, Ellis said, he not only feels prepared to enter the gaming industry, but to be an adult in the working world. From resume writing to building a portfolio and connecting with professionals in the field, Ellis believes he’s been given the tools to help him succeed.