Student cancer research accepted for conference presentation

Musarath Jahan Rahamathullah is pictured left. Roli Srivastava is pictured right.

The university congratulates Data Analytics graduate students Roli Srivastava and Musarath Jahan Rahamathullah whose peer-reviewed poster abstract titled “Diagnosing skin cancer on early stages using deep learning approach” was accepted and will be presented at the Elsevier Conference on “AI and Big Data in Cancer” in Boston in March.

The project, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Roozbeh Sadeghian, uses image processing to diagnose various types of skin cancer using a deep learning approach.

The project had three phases: lesion segmentation, feature detection, and disease classification and the outcome can help physicians diagnose the type of cancer in early stages through a non-invasive, more accurate and faster procedure. The paper is also co-authored by Dr. Siamak Aram and fellow HU Graduate Student Harshavardhan Nariseti.

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