Students reflect on HU internship opportunities on National Intern Day

Happy National Intern Day!

At Harrisburg University, interns are celebrated year-round! While enrolled at HU, students in every major are required to complete an internship. This provides opportunities for students to  gain real-world, meaningful experiences and connections!

This summer, various students across numerous programs are completing internships and expanding their skill sets, growing professionally, and reflecting on how HU is preparing them for their future careers. We checked in with the students to hear how their internship experience is going this Summer.

Marcus Black

Marcus Black, a Management and e-business major is completing an internship with the United States Senate under Senator Ben Cardin who is the ranking member of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee. Marcus shared, “My internship is going great so far, I have had the chance to network with many people in my field and work on various projects throughout my internship.”

Emily Niskala, a Geospatial Technology student is completing her internship with the Monroe County Conservation District. Emily specifically noted that, “ I realize by having conversations with the other GIS intern that, HU is the best choice I have made. I am way more prepared and knowledgeable of the field and of GIS in general. Professor Sarvis and Dr. Proctor have truly taught me amazing skills and these skills have lead me to impress my superiors at my internship, and for that I am very thankful.”


Rohini Gubjaru

Rohini Gubjaru, a Management & Ebusiness major with a concentration in Analytics shared, “I think I scored an amazing opportunity as I am here interning at Fulton. I am learning something new everyday. I work with a great team of people who are always willing to help out. Overall I love what I’m doing and this opportunity really showed me that there are different careers out there with my business degree.”

Kiara Temple-Pearshall, a Computer and Information Sciences student at HU Philadelphia is completing her internship with a start up company NaturAll Club. Kiara is heavily involved with enhancing the customer experience and improving the navigational functions of the company’s website. She has gained invaluable experience in the computer and information sciences field this summer.

Alania Otstot

Alaina Otstot, a Integrative Sciences major, is completing her internship with Fenner Precision Polymers. Alaina was very excited to start her internship and gain more experience working in an actual lab setting. She is excited that to share that “I like that the work that I do at my internship is being used and making a difference.”

Stephen Gayle, an Interactive Media major, has been influential during his internship with Harrisburg University Summer Camps. Stephen’s experience with social media engagement and media production have truly made an impact on the camp. Ryan Korn,  Director of Secondary School Services, Programs and Partnerships, said ” Stephen has truly been an amazing intern. His understanding of social media engagement and media production have been outstanding. He has made a huge impact on our dual enrollment program social media presence and media outlets to showcase what our programs and camps have to offer.” 

Aalliyeh Clinton

Aalliyeh Clinton, a Biotechnology major is completing her internship with Northrop Grumman: “It is a great opportunity, which has built my networking, professional, and laboratory skills. As well as building my knowledge in my career field Nano-technology. I love Northrop Grumman! I have built many bridges for my future through this internship with Northrop Grumman.”

On behalf of Harrisburg University we celebrate our interns and our partnering organizations!

Rebekah Harriger, the Experiential Learning Coordinator who aids students in applying for internships and experiential learning shared, “It is exciting to hear how the students internship experiences are making an impact on their HU experience. The opportunities they have been able to experience could not be possible without the support and partnership of the companies and organizations hosting our students. We are grateful to be able to celebrate National Intern day with our students and partnering companies.

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