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Harrisburg University’s new Director for Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Programs brings startup success to HU and Harrisburg

People typically name Silicon Valley, New York or Boston as technology hubs. However, across the United States there exist pockets of influencers, forward thinkers, startup evangelists and entrepreneurs who are creating a movement and fueling their own eco-systems to develop innovation pathways within their communities. Harrisburg University of Science and Technology’s Rigved Joshi thinks Pennsylvania’s […]

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Harrisburg University Accelerator business receives patent for “Smart Data” technology

What if data could do more for you? It’s a question that Professor Andrew Hacker, founder and CEO of MistIQ Technologies, thinks he’s found the answer to – and it’s led his company to receive a patent for a new technology called “Smart Data.” “We use data to share photos, send emails and connect with […]

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Downtown Technology Center Partners with HU

Why HU? Because local businesses work with us to provide hands-on learning opportunities that connect the class work to the career world. Check out a new technology center that will provide more collaborative spaces for Harrisburg University’s geospatial technology center and gaming incubator. In today’s competitive job market, a degree is essential, but often you […]

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